By Kilian - L'Oeuvre Noire; Prelude to Love

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Kilian Hennessey is a grandson of a founder the Hennessey cognac. In 2007. Kilian starts his own line of a niche perfume, called By Kilian, divided in a stories. By now there are 4 stories of a perfumes.  L'Oeuvre Noire/The Black Masterpiece, Arabian Nights, Asian Tales and In The Garden of God and Evil.

Today, I wan't to present you one of ten perfumes that were released under the first story - L'Oeuvre Noire/The Black Masterpiece, named Prelude to Love.

By Kilian - Prelude to Love source

Prelude to Love is a unisex scent, and supposed to be an olfactive memory of a first date, when your heart start to beets like crazy, and your cheeks are blushing... unfortunately, I wasn't so lucky to felt that way with this scent... I only smell a HUGE citrus bouquet, bergamot, lemon, neroli, mandarin and orange... maybe this huge amount of a citrus scent can make someone blush, but again, I wasn't lucky enough to felt that way.

What I wanted to smell was a powerful smell of a iris, a Bulgarian rose, a leather, and a musk. And I only smell a hint of an iris root at the end, when smell was disappearing from my skin. 

By Kilian - Prelude to Love (ingredients) source

The packaging of this fragrance is simply gorgeous, a big black square box, with a black heavy glass bottle size of a 1.3 .oz, wrapped in a black silk. The packaging is so pretty, and luxurious, I really like it a lot, but the price of 200+$ is a bit much for me. I would like to have a full size bottle (I mean, who wouldn't :)), but for that price ... I'm not quite sure.
Also, this scent comes in a refill package of a 1 liter, and a mini travel sets size of a 0,25 .oz, and also with a scented candles. 

By Kilian - Prelude to Love source

By Kilian Travel Refil Ampule source

Even this scent is a EDP, unfortunately my skin literally "eat" it in a few hours. But since it is a more lighter and a citrus scent, longlivety of a 5 hours is more than great for that kind of a perfume. I imagine this perfume would be perfect during the spring and the summer, because citrus perfumes achieve their full capacity during warmer weather.

I must say that I noticed a small similarity with another perfume, APOM (A Piece of Me) from the Francis Kurkdjian, but that similarity is in a gorgeous smell of a neroli,  both perfumes had that ingredient but they are not the same, and each perfume is really special on its own way. 

By Kilian - Prelude to Love 0.25 .oz

I really couldn't spend 200+$ for this perfume, but I must say that one perfume from the Arabian Nights story leave a pretty good impression on me. I'll write about it some other time. This travel size ampule was a gift from one dear girl. Thank you A.

Have you heard about By Kilian? Did you tried any of his "stories"? Let me know!
Maja xx

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