Givenchy Encre Interdite Lip Ink & Ombre Interdite

Givenchy created liquid lipsticks and shades in seemingly the same packaging as part of their new makeup novelty. The difference is that the eyeshadow shade is visible in the middle of the packaging, and for the lip tints you can see them at the bottom of the packaging. Simple, black and stylish packaging that is not very different from other Givenchy makeup products where black (mostly lacquered) packaging predominates. Shades are meant to complement each other, so each lipstick has its own pair of eyeshadow, but of course that doesn't mean you can't combine the shades that work best for you. I tried Encre Interdite Lip Color in 04 Shades of Purple Tag and Liquid Eye Shadow in 05 Outline Bronze.
Ombre Interdite eyeshadow 35$ (10 g) //
The shade of this eyeshade is a very unusual, olive - bronze - gold color that looks much better on the eyelids than in the packaging. I was skeptical how it would stand, but once I tried it, I was really thrilled by the fact that I often go for this shade. The shape of the applicator is the same as that of lip ink. It can be applied over the entire eyelid or as a thin line instead of a eyeliner. For the liner option, however, I recommend liner brush, because in my opinion eyeshadow applicator is a little thicker for a thin line that I personally prefer on the eyelids. Although I have used it as an eyeliner, I still prefer to wear it as an eyeshadow over my eyelids. The formula is lovely, light, airy and very pigmented. I apply it all over the eyelid and blend the ends with a blending brush. I like that the color intensity does not decrease with the blending, so there is no need to constantly upgrade the shade. It leaves a refined metallic finish, which at times looks more like tiny shiny particles than metallic reflection. The durability is amazing, it holds for over 10 hours with no base on my non-greasy eyelids. It does not crease in the corners of the eyelids. I have to admit that this is a very high quality and durable product that I have no fear it will move from my eyelids during the day. I wore it during the summer and I really loved it staying power, it performs well in the low and high temperatures and it fulfilled all my expectations for the ideal liquid eyeshadow.
Encre Interdite lip tint 35$ (7,5 ml)//
Although the packaging of this product is like almost any other lip gloss or liquid lipstick, this is a water lipstick. A bit of an odd formula, I personally have never tried a product that has such a light texture so it is definitely an innovation for me. But even though it is extremely light, the water texture leaves a very intense color when applied. The applicator is precise and there is really no need to pre-apply the lip pencil to apply the product as precisely as possible, since the applicator itself is sufficient. It is important to emphasize that the lips should be pre-prepared and smooth, that is, exfoliated in order for this product to blend perfectly on the skin of the lips, as slight discolouration of this shade may occur at places where the skin of the lips is a little rougher. I did not apply lip balm before applying this lipstick because the formula is very comfortable and light and there was really no need for a balm. You determine the color intensity yourself during application, because the ink does not dry immediately upon application, so there is no fear of messy application. After approximately 5,6 minutes, the product completely locks into a matte finish and leaves a pleasant, almost imperceptible, feel on the lips. Given the light water based formula, I really forget I applied it. It does not tighten or dry your lips while wearing. Unless I consume food and drink, it stands on my lips for the same intensity as it did when it was fixed. When consumed, it starts to fade slightly from the middle of the lips to the outside, but not completely it looks more like a stain, which I also like because the beautiful hue is still present, but at a much lower concentration. It has a slightly intense perfume scent that disappears over time.

attempt to wipe with a wet wipe (before the lip ink dried)
Used products:
Dior - Backstage primer 001 Universal
Dior - Forever Skin Glow 2W
Avon - True 5u1 mascara
Naj Oleari - Bright Blossom Bronzer #2 Caramello Salato
Givenchy - Encre Interdite Lip Ink 04
Givenchy - Ombred Interdite 05
** face and swatches were not edited or photoshopped

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Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation

Chanel Les Beiges product line joines the Healthy Glow Foundation, it comes in a glass matte bottle with a pump, very minimalist, elegant and entirely in the spirit of Chanel. Does anyone else thinks this bottle has resemblance to Chanel Les Exclusifs scented bottles? :)

Healthy Glow foundation contains hyaluronic acid to keep the skin moisturized throughout the day, it does not contain oils or parabens. What is certainly important to mention is that it contains SPF 25 and PA ++ label on the bottle indicates the amount of protection against UVA radiation. PA is commonly used in Japan and the Korean cosmetics and serves as an indicator of protection against UVA radiation. Two pluses on this bottle indicate that the protection against UVA rays is medium, and that will protect the skin 4-8 hours from sun radiation. Healthy Glow as the name suggests gives the skin a healthy glow. It has a light to medium coverage, but it is buildable. It has a medium thick texture, but when applied to the skin is extremely light and blend well while leaving a glowy effect on the skin. One layer will even out skin and cover small irregularities, make the skin look healthier without noticing that there is a foundation on the skin. Very fast drying when applied to the face, it is necessary to quickly work with it. Personally, I prefer to apply it with the fingers, as it uses less product and applied with fingers looks most natural on my face. Two layers provide medium coverage, skin looks smoother and more beautiful, but the second layer also is not noticed on face. How does it look on my face, you can see in this post.

It is a pleasant, light and airy and I'm using it for the past two months, mine is in a darker shade (50) and it fits me well while I still have a darker skin tone. At summer I wear minimal makeup on face, I do not like to wear heavy powders because of the heat and humidity so I usually use those lighter and airy foundations on my skin to provide a natural and illuminated look like Healthy Glow foundation. On a very hot days, it often happens that the powder disappear from the T zone because it is oily from the rest of the face because I have combination skin, but Les Beiges keeps my skin under control from the sweat and heat. I like a subtle glow that gives my skin. It did not cause any pimples, even my skin tends to react to different products. There are notable, floral scent that is not too heavy and disappears quickly after application. It doesn't change color - oxidize, after I apply SPF protection which is good. The bottle contains 30 ml of the product, and the price is a bit over £40.

Maja xx

L'oreal Paris La Vie En Rose Collection (Naomi, Blake, Eva & J.LO)

After the popular Pure Reds lipsticks L'Oreal Paris has launched La Vie En Rose collection of matte lipsticks so that each women can choose the right shade of pink that complements her skin undertone. Although they overall launched 9 shades in Croatia are available only 4 of them. In today's post I will show you all four shades, starting from the brightest called Naomi's Delicate Rose, then it follows Blake's Delicate Rose, Eva's Delicate Rose and darkest of all is J.Lo's Delicate Rose shade. In the pictures below you can see how each shade looks on me, I'm neutral skin undertone but I prefer to use foundations with a yellow or beige undertone. I'm wearing Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in a shade 210 - Sandy Beige.
Lipsticks are very pleasant on the lips, they do not dry lips, very easy to apply, and they don't go over the edge of the lips. Pigmentation of brightest shades can not measure with lipsticks from Pure Reds collection as expected because the lighter shades of lipsticks are always less pigmented compared to darker. Naomi's Delicate Rose is the brightest shade of all four and as such is the least intense and noticeable on the lips, a true representative of nude lipstick with strong pink undertone. This shade is a great choice for a very pale skin. On me it looks a bit washed out, but otherwise I prefer not to wear very light shades because if you read my blog regularly, I believe you have noticed that I usually wear darker lipsticks. Blake's Delicate Rose is also very bright shade, but very vibrant because of its orange undertone. I think it will be a good choice for pale as for dark skin tone. It brightens the whole look. I definitely plan to wear it on spring and summer. Blake's and Naomi's Delicate Rose shades are unfortunately enhances dry areas on the lips, because they are very bright and it is usually (at least to me) problem when I'm wearing brighter shades. Before application it is necessary to prepare the lips, with a lip scrub and hydrate them before applying the lipstick. Eva's Delicate Rose is a delicate, soft pink shade that perfectly complements darker skin tone. It is a great choice for everyday wear, when you do not want to wear intense shades on your lips. J.Lo's Delicate Rose is darkest of all four shades, it has a texture and durability almost like lipsticks from Pure Reds collection. Also, the last two mentioned shades don't point out the dry parts on the lips which is considered as an advantage when it comes lipsticks. My favorite two shades are Eva's and J.Lo's. They last around 3 hours on my lips, while J.Lo's stays a bit longer around 4 hours. Scent of lipsticks in both collections is same it didn't changed, but when it comes to packaging both collections are apparently identical, but La Vie En Rose Collection is smooth to the touch, while the Pure Reds is a bit rough. Price of lipstick is around 14$.


Maja xx

Lancome Rouge In love #379N Rose Sulfureuse

Lancome Rouge in Love lipsticks come in a solid, metallic packaging that is seemingly smaller than most packaging of lipsticks that I normally use. But do not let that fool you because Rouge in Love, has an amount of 4.2 ml like most lipsticks on the market. I love to wear shades such as red wine, dark red, dark purple and similar, and this shade just had to become a part of my collection.

Rouge in Love lipsticks are divided into three groups. Letter M (Jolis Matins) are lightweight and wearable in the morning, the letter B (Boudoir Time) have been marked by a barely noticeable shades which highlights the lips, and as such are perfect for an afternoon meet for a coffee, while the the letter N (Tonight Is My Night) marked intense shades appropriate for evening. Since I prefer intense and deep shades, my choice is in group N, 379N Rose Sulfureuse.

Lancome Rouge in Love Rose Sulfureuse is extremely moisturizing and pigmented lipstick that gives intense color in one coat if you just dab it on the lips it seems that the color of the lips is naturally emphasized. Although it is quite moisturizing lipstick and shiny when applied, a few minutes after application shine disappears and lips remains very hydrated. It does not accentuate the fine lines on the lips, which I love.
It does not dry lips, it is very comfortable to ware but it isn't matte. I have to admit that the Rouge in Love will last for 5 hours on the lips with eating and drinking in a small amounts. It fades evenly on the lips leaving them lightly colored. The smell of roses is light and floral, but quickly disappears when applied to the lips. Price of this lipstick is around £21/40$ in perfumeries.

Maja xx

Givenchy Ombre Couture - 05 Taupe Velours

Givenchy Ombre Couture eyeshadows are available in 9 shades that are in permanent collection, one that I own so far is in a shade 5 - Velours Taupe. It is a matte gray - brown shade and it can be wear alone or as a base for other, darker shades to give them more intensity.

I love creamy eyeshadows because of it's fast application and practical use. I tried on a few brands that offer similar product like Givenchy's Ombre Couture, but so far I was impressed only with this one and it has it all: easy application, nice neutral color, pigmentation and durability. Not to mention it didn't dry in a pot after almost 2 years of using it, it is fresh as new.

Since it is a neutral shade, I did not expect such a strong pigmentation in one application. Until now I used Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow in shades Permanent Taupe which is a similar color, but Maybelline eyeshadow texture dries faster and it becomes difficult to apply and blend, in comparison to Couture Ombre eyeshadow which is creamy, very soft and easy to blend. Once it is applied it doesn't move for hours.
 On the label states that the it can last for 16 hours, so long I have not test it, but I noticed after 12 hours of application it slightly lose color intensity and begins to slowly gather in the crease. It can be easily removed with  the micellar solution. Can be applied with your fingers, but I prefer to use the flat synthetic brush that is excellent for creamy eyeshadows. Givenchy Ombre Couture eyeshadow contains 4 grams, and the price is around £18/30$ in perfumeries.

Maja xx

Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara - Excessive Black

Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara is available only in one color - Excessive Black. In an amount of 6.5 ml and with a price around 40$ in Croatia.
The brush is slightly bent shaped to providing a volume, definition and extension to the lashes. Formula of this mascara is very wet and it is drying slow. To avoid messy eyelashes I recommend to delete the excess mascara with a tissue before applying. Usually I prefer thicker and longer bristles in the brush of mascara, but I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the effect of Hypnose Drama on eyelashes. In just one layer I achieved a dramatic lash look with which blow me away. Mascara justifies its name - Hypnose Drama. Although it is not waterproof, but it lasted all day on my lashes, the volume remains the same, and it didn't fall out and became messy. Lancome mascaras are available on line - HERE.


Maja xx

Rouge Bunny Rouge Megaplumes Dramatic Lash Mascara - #075 Oxblood Panache

Rouge Bunny Rouge has five types of mascara in their range, I picked up a Megaplumes Dramatic Lash mascara that comes in only one color - Oxblood Panache. It is a dark red shade with a touch of brown. Packaging is like all Rouge Bunny Rouge  - beautiful. I really love this brand and how wonderful are all the details that are written on each product. 
My favorite type of mascaras are the one with a big, dense brush like Dramatic Lash mascara, because they can separate and define each lash even the shortest giving them a volume.
The texture of this mascara is dry when first applied, which is great because I don't have to wait for few days for it to dries out a bit. Texture of this mascara haven't change the whole time I was using it (around 6 months) which I loved. 
 I am very satisfied with this mascara in terms of volume because the formula is good, but however I wish that the color of mascara is more pigmented and more noticeable on the lashes. When it is applied over a layer of black mascara, but if I don't apply a black mascara color is not so visible. In the pictures below you will see how the color looks on artificial light, where I tried to catch a realistic color.

Price of mascara is $ 40 + $ 9.66 postage for Croatia. Mascara contains 9 ml. Shelf life is 6 months from opening.

Maja xx

Dior Rouge - 999

On 60th anniversary Dior house has redesigned the collection of lipsticks, changed the packaging and formulas of lipsticks. The star of the collection is a cult shade 999 which, according to employees of the perfume is always sold out.
999 is "the perfect red" shade that suits all skin tones. I'm neutral skin undertone and 999 turns out more orangey and I wasn't happy about it beacuse I expected it to be more reddish. Natalie Portman is  a face of the campaign and she is also wearing 999 in her lips, and it looks gorgeous on her.
Lipstick is highly pigmented and moisturizing and does not dry out the lips. When applied on the lips has a glossy finish, but after a few minutes on the lips it turns out to be more matte (see pictures below). The durability of the lips is excellent, around 4 hours (without drinking and eating), when it evenly disappears from lips and looks like a stain.
To prevent spilling over the edge of the lips you can apply a lip liner before applying the lipstick
Lipstick weighs 3.5 grams, and costs around 60$ in Croatia. You can also find it HERE i HERE.

 left: artificial light                        right: natural light

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