L'oreal Paris La Vie En Rose Collection (Naomi, Blake, Eva & J.LO)

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After the popular Pure Reds lipsticks L'Oreal Paris has launched La Vie En Rose collection of matte lipsticks so that each women can choose the right shade of pink that complements her skin undertone. Although they overall launched 9 shades in Croatia are available only 4 of them. In today's post I will show you all four shades, starting from the brightest called Naomi's Delicate Rose, then it follows Blake's Delicate Rose, Eva's Delicate Rose and darkest of all is J.Lo's Delicate Rose shade. In the pictures below you can see how each shade looks on me, I'm neutral skin undertone but I prefer to use foundations with a yellow or beige undertone. I'm wearing Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in a shade 210 - Sandy Beige.
Lipsticks are very pleasant on the lips, they do not dry lips, very easy to apply, and they don't go over the edge of the lips. Pigmentation of brightest shades can not measure with lipsticks from Pure Reds collection as expected because the lighter shades of lipsticks are always less pigmented compared to darker. Naomi's Delicate Rose is the brightest shade of all four and as such is the least intense and noticeable on the lips, a true representative of nude lipstick with strong pink undertone. This shade is a great choice for a very pale skin. On me it looks a bit washed out, but otherwise I prefer not to wear very light shades because if you read my blog regularly, I believe you have noticed that I usually wear darker lipsticks. Blake's Delicate Rose is also very bright shade, but very vibrant because of its orange undertone. I think it will be a good choice for pale as for dark skin tone. It brightens the whole look. I definitely plan to wear it on spring and summer. Blake's and Naomi's Delicate Rose shades are unfortunately enhances dry areas on the lips, because they are very bright and it is usually (at least to me) problem when I'm wearing brighter shades. Before application it is necessary to prepare the lips, with a lip scrub and hydrate them before applying the lipstick. Eva's Delicate Rose is a delicate, soft pink shade that perfectly complements darker skin tone. It is a great choice for everyday wear, when you do not want to wear intense shades on your lips. J.Lo's Delicate Rose is darkest of all four shades, it has a texture and durability almost like lipsticks from Pure Reds collection. Also, the last two mentioned shades don't point out the dry parts on the lips which is considered as an advantage when it comes lipsticks. My favorite two shades are Eva's and J.Lo's. They last around 3 hours on my lips, while J.Lo's stays a bit longer around 4 hours. Scent of lipsticks in both collections is same it didn't changed, but when it comes to packaging both collections are apparently identical, but La Vie En Rose Collection is smooth to the touch, while the Pure Reds is a bit rough. Price of lipstick is around 14$.


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