Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation

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Chanel Les Beiges product line joines the Healthy Glow Foundation, it comes in a glass matte bottle with a pump, very minimalist, elegant and entirely in the spirit of Chanel. Does anyone else thinks this bottle has resemblance to Chanel Les Exclusifs scented bottles? :)

Healthy Glow foundation contains hyaluronic acid to keep the skin moisturized throughout the day, it does not contain oils or parabens. What is certainly important to mention is that it contains SPF 25 and PA ++ label on the bottle indicates the amount of protection against UVA radiation. PA is commonly used in Japan and the Korean cosmetics and serves as an indicator of protection against UVA radiation. Two pluses on this bottle indicate that the protection against UVA rays is medium, and that will protect the skin 4-8 hours from sun radiation. Healthy Glow as the name suggests gives the skin a healthy glow. It has a light to medium coverage, but it is buildable. It has a medium thick texture, but when applied to the skin is extremely light and blend well while leaving a glowy effect on the skin. One layer will even out skin and cover small irregularities, make the skin look healthier without noticing that there is a foundation on the skin. Very fast drying when applied to the face, it is necessary to quickly work with it. Personally, I prefer to apply it with the fingers, as it uses less product and applied with fingers looks most natural on my face. Two layers provide medium coverage, skin looks smoother and more beautiful, but the second layer also is not noticed on face. How does it look on my face, you can see in this post.

It is a pleasant, light and airy and I'm using it for the past two months, mine is in a darker shade (50) and it fits me well while I still have a darker skin tone. At summer I wear minimal makeup on face, I do not like to wear heavy powders because of the heat and humidity so I usually use those lighter and airy foundations on my skin to provide a natural and illuminated look like Healthy Glow foundation. On a very hot days, it often happens that the powder disappear from the T zone because it is oily from the rest of the face because I have combination skin, but Les Beiges keeps my skin under control from the sweat and heat. I like a subtle glow that gives my skin. It did not cause any pimples, even my skin tends to react to different products. There are notable, floral scent that is not too heavy and disappears quickly after application. It doesn't change color - oxidize, after I apply SPF protection which is good. The bottle contains 30 ml of the product, and the price is a bit over £40.

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