Lancome Rouge In love #379N Rose Sulfureuse

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Lancome Rouge in Love lipsticks come in a solid, metallic packaging that is seemingly smaller than most packaging of lipsticks that I normally use. But do not let that fool you because Rouge in Love, has an amount of 4.2 ml like most lipsticks on the market. I love to wear shades such as red wine, dark red, dark purple and similar, and this shade just had to become a part of my collection.

Rouge in Love lipsticks are divided into three groups. Letter M (Jolis Matins) are lightweight and wearable in the morning, the letter B (Boudoir Time) have been marked by a barely noticeable shades which highlights the lips, and as such are perfect for an afternoon meet for a coffee, while the the letter N (Tonight Is My Night) marked intense shades appropriate for evening. Since I prefer intense and deep shades, my choice is in group N, 379N Rose Sulfureuse.

Lancome Rouge in Love Rose Sulfureuse is extremely moisturizing and pigmented lipstick that gives intense color in one coat if you just dab it on the lips it seems that the color of the lips is naturally emphasized. Although it is quite moisturizing lipstick and shiny when applied, a few minutes after application shine disappears and lips remains very hydrated. It does not accentuate the fine lines on the lips, which I love.
It does not dry lips, it is very comfortable to ware but it isn't matte. I have to admit that the Rouge in Love will last for 5 hours on the lips with eating and drinking in a small amounts. It fades evenly on the lips leaving them lightly colored. The smell of roses is light and floral, but quickly disappears when applied to the lips. Price of this lipstick is around £21/40$ in perfumeries.

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