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I think I'm the last blogger on this earth who is doing a review on the Naked Basics palette.
But never mind, I wanted to test it properly so I can write my honest opinion about it.

It comes in a very hard compact case, which is combination of a rubber and a plastic, and it is size of a palm. This palette contains a mirror, and 6 eyeshadows, and it doesn't come with a brush. Every eyeshadow weighs 0.05 .oz.

Whole palette was imagined to be completely matte, but it is not. There is one eyeshadow that have a frosty finish, and it is the first shadow in the palette - Venus, and it is definitely my favorite shade for the inner corners of the eyes, because it open the eyes very nicely.

I didn't want to buy the Naked 1 and 2, but this one I did, because it does contain 5 of 6 matte eyeshadows, which I don't have in any palette. This is a great palette for a day or a night look, and I wear it almost every day since I got it. 

Eyeshadow do have a fall outs,  lighter shades a bit more, than the darker ones. But they also have a nice pigmentation, considering the fact that they are all almost matte. 

Their longlivety is also surprisingly good about 7 hours with an eyeshadow base, and without a base 2 hours less.
This palette can also be used to fill the eyebrows, expect the Venus (frosty) shade, of course.

I bought it on the Hqhair for 17 pounds (I used a 15% off discount code) the regular price is 20 pounds and Hqhair offers free worldwide shipping.

I compare Naked Basic with a few other eyeshadow palette so you can get an idea how "small" is the UD palette.  


What do you think about this palette? Do you own it? Will you?
Maja xx

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  1. Paleta je preslatka i boje su divne, ali mislim d a mi se vise svidja ideja kupovine Naked2 palete. ;)

    1. Da super su boje, ali ako voliš više Naked2 onda bolje nju uzmi, ima veći izbor boja. :) Iako virujem da su sve Naked odlične

  2. nemam ovu paletu ali sam postala opsednuta UD paletama i naravno da bih volela da je imam :D
    za sad imam samo naked1 i obozavam je, a necu se zaustaviti na njoj :)

    1. :) Imam osjećaj ako ikad probam Naked 1 ili 2 da ću se i ja navuć :D Do tada držim svoju distancu.
      Ova paletica je baš super, zgodna za nošenje i svakodnevno korištenje.