Bioderma Sebium Serum and Sebium AKN

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I desperately needed something what will make my face much better, because my chin area have lots of pimples and acnes, so I decided to try the Bioderma Sebium Serum and Sebium AKN. 
I bought both of them for the price of one (around 17$).

Bioderma Sebium Serum (1.3 .oz) is gel alike product and it supposed to take care of a greasy, combination and unclean skin. This Serum should be used for 4 week, every night. If your skin feels tight and redish after application, than you should apply it every two nights alone or in a combination with your night cream. I used it alone through 4 weeks. And never during the day.

It is not recommended to wear a Sebium Serum during the day, because it contains acids and it is better to apply it during the night, so your skin can recover better. But during the day you should use a face cream or fluid with a high SPF protection of 30 or more. The thing is, when your using Sebium Serum new cells of skin are appearing on the surface so you need to protect them against sun, so SPF protection is highly recommended.

Sebium Serum helped my skin, I don't have a tiny dark spots caused by Sun, it cleaned my face, the pores and even out my skin tone after 10 days of usage.
During the first couple of days it may seems like your face looks worst than ever, and that is normal because Serum pulls out every pimple and acne that are already planing to go out, and that is how the "cleaning process" is starting, by pulling everything out on the surface.

Sebium AKN (1 .oz) - is a fluid with a milky color, which keeps skin under control. It is light in texture and absorbs in a few moments after applying. It can be used 1 or 2 times during the day. I mostly used it only in the morning. If I'm going out I always put my face cream with a high SPF protection, after I applied AKN.
It is possible that your skin starts to peel while applying foundation or AKN and that is normal, because your "new skin" is apearing on the surface. (this sounds so scary, but it is not, trust me :D). So it can be a bit of problem when your applying your regular foundation. It is possible to apply it, but you have to be careful.
And one other thing, it is also possible that your foundation apears a shade darker because of the AKN, so it would be better if you apply a foundation base after AKN, and before you apply foundation. It happened to me, it doesn't mean it will happen to you I'm just saying in case you end up with a shade darker skin.

I wouldn't recommend to use Sebium Serum and AKN during the warmer weather (Spring and Summer) because the Sun is much stronger, and since those two products contain acids it can damage your skin if you don't use a high protection. So just for the caution, maybe you should consider and start to use AKN and Serum in the Autumn or Winter.

I'm very satisfied with this products, they didn't cleaned my face completely but it did help me much. I know that my bigger problem is a non healthy food, so each time I eat a junk food, I end up with a growing pimple in the morning. So I'm trying to be careful and I don't eat junk food as much as I did before, so everything is under a control at the moment.

If AKN and Serum + healthy food doesn't help you, maybe you should consider to go to the doctor, just to check if maybe a problem is in your immune system or maybe it is hormonal. It is just an advice. 

What do you think about this product? Did you try it yet? Any thoughts?
Maja xx

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  1. Does it remove dark spots that come afyer the pimples are gone?

    1. Yes. On my skin, it did make some visible changes and removed dark spots. My skin is much clearer now.