Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Usage Dry Oil

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I was secretly craving for this body oil, and the reason that I meditate is  that I'm not a big fan of body oils. Don't like that sticky feeling on my skin, especially during summer, only the thought that I have to wear my clothes on my sticky body was unthinkable for me.

But, I must say this Nuxe body oil made me think different. Since I had a chance to try it before I buy it (that even rimes) I kind of like it, and when cute demonstration girl told me that I can wear clothes the same moment when I apply oil on skin, I was SOLD.

Nuxe oil comes in two versions and two sizes. One is only oil, and other is oil with sequins in it. I decided to buy this one without sequins, because other one had some synthetic smell, that I don't like so much. But, both are gorgeous, and I liked this one better.
Bottle with sequins comes also in size of 50 ml, and doesn't have spray bottle, just tiny hole on top of the product. This version is coming in size of 50 ml (also without spray), and 100 ml (with spray)

On picture (sorry for not so perfect picture) I had one spritz, it does look like any other oil, but this one is less thick and slightly texture than Jonhdons's  baby oil. And it dries on skin very quick.

It gives nice glow to my skin, smells lovely, like some subtle skin scent. It leaves skin very smooth and silky.

I must say I',m pleasantly surprised with this product, and no matter what skin type you are you can use it, because it fits everyone. You can use it for hair mask (apply it on you're hair, and leave it over the night, and wash it in the morning), for body, face, after swimming, for stretch marks etc...

Price here in Croatia for 50 ml is around 25$ and for 100 ml around 40$

Have you used any version of this oil? Tell me what you think about them?
Maja xx

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