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I believe that lots of us are still looking for THE perfume.
Yes, I'm like that, and no matter how much I love perfumes, I sometimes wish I could only have 5 of them, and that it is enough. But, I can't, desire for them is HUGE!

I tried and wear to many perfumes, and I have it a lot (but, that is subject for some other time)
But lucky guy who stole my heart for last few months is Mr. Piguet's Calypso. But I'm not quite sure is he the ONE. I guess time will show.

Problem with me is that I can't define my taste in fragrances. I love them all, light, floral, citrus, chypre you name it.. I really love them all, every perfume on their own way, and I do believe there are no perfumes that can stink. They just haven't find their own public.

Calypso was a blind buy, and probably the best blind buy ever. The thing I love in this perfume is how he turn mystic on me, and I love that smelly feeling. And for that I can thank a little bit to iris, patchouli, amber and leather. Yes, leather is this note that gives him the most mystic. Beside those notes, Calypso also contain geranium, mandarin and queen of flowers - rose.

Calypso is more powdery scent, with hint of harsh smell at the moment. It is hard to describe it, because all you can smell is that powdery - gentle - warm scent of leather and all other notes blend so perfectly together. Winter and autumn are Calypso's best time of the year, but of course it can be wear during spring and summer. Little goes a long way. 2 - 3 time is enough to spray it, and he will reach his full beauty.

I would recommend this perfume for everyone who loves powdery scent, not to strong, but decent, and subtle. He will be you're companion for at least 5 to 6 hours, even more if you have it on you're clothes. His wearability is very good.

Have you find you're THE perfume aka signature scent?
Maja xx

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