Thierry Mugler: Womanity or The Taste of Fragrance Womanity

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One of the most extraordinary fragrance creators that I'm admire is Thierry Mugler, if you already try some of his perfumes, and I believe you did, than you know what I'm talking about. I don't think there is no one among us who haven't try some version of Alien, Angel, Innocent or maybe Taste of fragrance (Le Gout du Parfume).

You love him or hate him. There is no between. I'm in this first group.
Today, I want to share you my opinion about his latest creations called Womanity and Womanity Taste of Fragrance.

Did you know that he used caviar in this fragrances? Yes, caviar. Like fish egg - caviar. :D
But, I'm not surprised because Mr. Mugler is really unusually creator and I believe there is nothing strange for him if he puts little bit of caviar in his fragrances.

left: Womanity - Taste of fragrance            right: Womanity

Womanity –  First time when I tried this fragrance I didn't enjoy it. Maybe because of tought that he had caviar in it, and I felt repulsive about that. And accidentally I received sample when I purchase another fragrance, and I gave him second chance, and that was it. I try it just in right moment, and he was mine. I purchase little refill bottle of 10 ml (0.3 .oz), because I know it will last forever because of his great aura and longlivety. Two spritz are more than enough for any occasion through all year.

This fragrance comes in pink box, this refill bottle can be fill again, and instead of lid you get a ring. But this ring is very small (and I don't have fat fingers), so keep that in mind if you want to try it on, I had some problems with it, and my hubby had to rescue me.  (I'm so clumsy sometimes :-/)

Beside the caviar  Womanity also had one interesting note that is spreading through whole smell, and that is fig. Gorgeous, juicy and sweet fig. I define this fragrance as sweet, but not to sweet so you can get stomach ache, he has great aura and longlivety. This version will show much better on warmer weather, and it is not to heavy for everyday use. I could say it has a hint of freshness.

Womanity Taste of Fragrance – I must to inform you that this piece is a Limited Edition. So if you have a chance to grab it, you should do that. I know that here in Croatia you can buy it from  but they only delivered in Croatia for free. Maybe you can try over E bay or sometimes on Cheapsmells.

This version has stronger note of fig, it feels like you can eat it (that's why the name is Taste of ...) top notes are restraind with citrus and green notes, and what makes him longer is vetiver, opoponax and cedar. This is very warm and pleasent scent, I could say that this is "thicker" version of original Womanity. He will last through the day, about 7 - 8 hours, maybe more depends on you're skin. I would recommend this perfume for autumn and winter, because his beauty will come in expression better in colder than in warmer weather.

Conclusion: Both version are very lovely, and you can wear it anywere and anytime. But I'm giving little advantage for Limited version because it is completly and more defined version of original Womanity.
Everything that you "miss" in original Womanity, Taste of Fragrance will give you!

Price in Croatia:
0.3 .oz/27$
1. oz/55$
Womanity Taste of Fragrance
1.6. .oz/72$

Do you have any Thierry Mugler fragrance? Let me know!

Maja xx

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