Balea Frangapini shower oil VS. L'Occitane Amande shower oil

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Just the other day while I was shopping in my local drugstore, I discovered Balea Frangapini shower oil, since my L'occitane Amande shower oil was almost gone, I decide to give this one a try. I only have great experience with Balea product, so I knowed this one will be great to.

                                      Left: Balea Frangapini   Right: L'Occitane Amande

Balea Frangapini - first  I have to say that smell is nice, floral, just like the smell of Frangapini and you can smell a hint of oil. Texture of this oil is rich, and it has little "pearls" that I presume are for peeling. You don't need too much of this oil to cover you're body, since it is rich texture and very foamy. You can also used it as a base for shaving. It leaves you're skin silky and soft, but smell isn't too long.

L'Occitane Amande - even I said that Frangapini smells nice, this one smells georgeous, the best smell of any shower product that I ever used. If you have a chance to smell it, than smell it  and you will know what I'm talking about.

Texture of this shower oil is  more "oily" (watery) than in Bale Frangapini. You have to use a bit more of this oil to cover all body, and it is harder to blend on skin, and it is less fomay than Frangapini. But  it is  great for shaving, it really leaves you're skin smoth and silky, and smell lasts longer than in Balea Frangapini shower oil.

Conclusion: Even I said that L'Occitane Amande shower oil has a better smell, and I believe it has a higher amount of oil in itself, because it is harder to blend in skin, I will give little leavrege to Balea Frangapini because it will last longer, and because of the price that is 10 times lower than one that L'Occitane Amande has. Both are comming in plastic package with size of 250 ml (8.3 oz) L'Occitane Amande has package of 500 ml (16.6 .oz)

Price here in Croatia is:

Balea Frangapini Shower Oil - 9.90 kn/2$
L'Occitane Shower Oil - 130 kn/20$

Have you used any of this shower oils? Do you using oils for showering? Let me know!
Maja xx

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