ArtDeco LE Marrakech Sunset collection (blush and highlighter)

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I don't remember if I ever had a "crush" with some collection, like I had with last ArtDeco Marrakech LE for spring/summer 2012.
When I saw promo pictures my heart starts to beat like crazy, my eyes were enhanced and I think I stop breathing for a while because of that huge rush and I was only thinking how I wan't all that georgeouse stuff just for myself.
But when my brain wallet starts to think rationaly (it really happens sometimes), I had to decide to pick only 2 items, and I chose blush and shimmer/highlighter for face and body.

Package has inspired details of Marrakech, accent is on oriental exotic of main town Morocco in specific colors and designs. This collection also includes;

Bronzing Powder Compact Bronzer spf 15 in shades (02 marrakesh mocha and 06 marrakesh dune)
Beauty Box for 2 eyeshadow
Eye shadows in shades (235 sweet apricot, 30 drifting sand, 13 bronzing mirror and 258 clear blue) 
Spray On Leg bronzing spray in shades (3 sand, 5 sun tan, 8 desert sun)
Hydra Lip Booster lip gloss in shades (18 translucent mandarin, 32  translucent mocha and 38 translucent rose)
Ceramic Nail Lacquer  in shades ( 263 oriental blossom, 265 bright sky, 267 oriental nectarine, 269 magic orient)
Mini Travel Kabuki

Picture taken from Art::Deco Facebook page

Bronzing Glow Blush "Oriental Garden" - package of this item is square, and it weights 9 grams. Amount of this blush is more than enough, and it will last  for ages even if you use it every day. (just to compare Chanel JC European blushes weight only 4 grams). Price of Bronzing Glow Blush is around 23$ here in Croatia, and I think that the price justifys size of this blush. Bronzin Glow Blush has tree colors pink, coral and rosewood, that can be used together or separate. Blush leaves nice glow on face, even it looks like matte in the pan.
It adjust to any skin tone, so all you ladies if you're cold, warm, dark, pale, neutral ... you, can wear it. Also, interesting info is that this blush doesn't contain any lanolin or parabens.

Bronzing Glow Blush "Oriental Garden" Up: with flash  Down: withouth flash/daily light  

and this is how it looks on me

Bronzing Glow Powder 01 Oriental Starlight Sky Highlighter - This product comes in round package, and weights 10 grams. This one will really last for ages, because I won't be using it through whole year, and also not every day. It leaves nice shimmer, champagne/goldish color, you can use it on top of you're cheeks, under eyebrow, since it is also for body, you can use it on you're arms, shoulders, decollete etc... Also, this product doesn't contain any parabens or lanolin.

Bronzing Glow Powder 01 Oriental Starlight Sky Highlighter daily light withouth flash

More pictures;

I found this collection in Douglas here in Croatia, but it can also be find in Muller.

Price of this products in Croatia are;

Bronzing Glow Blush "Oriental Garden" - 23$
Bronzing Glow Powder 01 Oriental Starlight Sky Highlighter - 20$
Bronzing Powder Compact Bronzer spf 15 - 26$
Beauty Box for two eyeshadows - 8$
Eye shadow - 6$
Spray On Leg bronzing sprey for legs - 23$
Hydra Lip Booster lip gloss - 11$
Ceramic Nail Lacquer  - 10$

Do you like this collection? Have you already own something of this? Let me know

Maja xx

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