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For some time now,  everybody talk's about the Sleek MakeUP blushes. 

Unfortunately you can only buy it in a drugstores in UK, France and South Africa. But you can order it from E bay UK (I ordered mine from vanitypalace) or directly from Sleek MakeUP official site. But their postage is around 10$, and that is little expensive if you ask me. Postage over is around 3 - 4$. And you get 8 grams of product for the price of  around 11$ with shipping included.

Beside blushes, Sleek MakeUP also offers a huge range of eyeshadows, lip glosses, bronzers, nail polishes, foundation, etc ...

Packaging of this blushes are very simple and pretty. Black square box with large mirror, but it doesn't come with brush. But I don't find that as a problem, because all that brushes you get with blush are mostly unuseful.

I love how pigmented are Sleek Makeup blushes, and they are perfect for dark skined ladys also. Sleek MakeUP product put an accent on girls with darker skin.

There are to many shades of blush, but I decide for 4, and I'm planing to show them to you.

Upper row from left to right: Suede i Pomegranate
Lower row from left to righ: Rose Gold i Santorini (limited edition)

If you have noticed, package of this blushes are not all the same. Some of them have details on it. This one with details are mostly LE (limited edition).
But in this case we have Suede with detail, and it is a part of a permanent collection.

Left (outermost): Rose Gold
Top: Suede
Right (ouetmost) : Pomegranate
Bottom: Santorini

Rose Gold - this blush was compared with famous Nars - Orgasm blush, I don't have it, and I can't tell you my opinion on that. :)
This one is very pigmented, it has little gold particles, it is very shimmery. Color of this blush is coralish/peachy with golden undertone.

Pictures with flash are true to color.

Rose Gold - with flash
Rose Gold - without flash

Suede - this blush is a matte brownish/earthy color with a peachy undertone. It doesn't have shimmer in it. Suede blush is a part of Sleek MakeUP Nude Collection. It is less pigmented than the other Sleek MakeUP blushes, so you have little less chance to overdo with this one. 

Suede - with flash
Suede - without flash

Pomegranate - my favorite. Gorgeous dark redish/plum color. It has a nice shimmer and it leaves a nice glow. Very pigmented, and you have to be very careful because color of this blush is pretty intensive. 

Pomegranate - with flash
Pomegranate - without flash

Santorini LE - this blush really looks scary in the pan, but believe me it is far from scary when you try it on. This one is also matte like Suede blush. Color of this blush is almost neon fuchsia, with a blue undertone. This blush is Limited Edition, and it is a part of Le Mediteranean Collection. You should be careful with this one, it is pretty nasty :)

Santorini - with flash
Santorini - without flash

Down below you can see more pictures and swatches! All this swatches are made with one finger swipe.

From left to right Rose Gold, Santorini, Suede, Pomegranate. With flash.

From left to right: Rose Gold, Santorini, Suede, Pomegranate. Daily light.

From left to right: Rose Gold, Santorini, Suede, Pomegranate. Daily light. 

I recommend you to use a Stipple brush when youre applying a Sleek MakeUP blush, and then you tap that brush easily into blush, and easily tap it on you're cheek, and with a tapping you can easily build how much color you wan't on you're cheeks. Remember, less is more ;)

This is how Stipple brush looks like:

Stipple Brush  source E.L.F. UK

Conclusion: I'm really satisfied with this blushes. They will really last for ever. I do like Sleek MakeUP brand because they are offering a huge range of colors. If you don't have a problem with very pigmented blush, I suggest you to try at least one. I believe that Rose Gold is a "go for" blush.
Price, size, package and quality are worth the price.

Have you already try any of these blushes? Or maybe some other Sleek MakeUP product? Let me know.
Maja xx

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