La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Tinted Cream Spf 50+

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I'm searching for "perfect" summer face cream for a while. Yes, "perfect" is under "", because I have very complicated skin, and that same skin decides after 10 days of using one product to ignore it and then it starts to shine, burn or something like that .. and then, back to beginning. But that's fine, I'll keep using another creams, until I find the perfect one. (without "")

So, now it is turn for La Roche Posay Anthelios XL spf 50.

Size of this cream is  50 ml (1.6 .oz), classic package in tube. Price is around 20$.

Cream says: "For better life sensitive skin, with thermal water La Roche Posay, tinted face cream Spf 50+ /UVB + UVA (uva is in circle :D). Very high protection. Allergy on sun. Sensitive skin. Extremely waterproof. Without scent. Without parabens."

Maja says:  I like the feeling on my face with this cream. It doesn't feel like mask effect. It really unify my skin tone, easy to blend, and it absorbs fast. I don't know about protection, but I believe it has high Spf. I think it is waterproof, because after I washed my face I can still feel it. Without scent? Believe me, NOT! You can really smell it, and it isn't pleasant smell, it smells like that pharmacy creams for pimples that they make in pharmacy. I don't like it, but you can't smell it while it is on you're face, only when you're smelling directly from tube or you're hand while trying.

with flash

without flash

You notice in first picture how cream is dark, but you will see how it looks like when it is blend. This tiny spot is enough for whole face. 

with flash,  right side of hand is light smudge, left side is completely smudge

day light, color is completely unified with my skin

ingredients (click for larger picture)

Conclusion: I must say that I like this cream. And the important part is that I haven't sweat from it for a few hours. It is very light and I don't have that sticky feeling when I wear it. It really unify my skin tome, but it doesn't provide you covering, and I don't expect that from this kind of face cream. I'll will definitely keep using this cream, until my skin says different. Who knows, maybe this one is lucky winner! ;)

Price here in Croatia: 1.6 .oz/20$

Have you tried this one yet? Do you using face cream with SPF? Let me know!

Maja xx

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