Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Light and Medium

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Last two years I was only using one BB cream, and that was Missha Perfect Cover #23, so I need some changes about that, and I decide to go with drugstore BB cream, and I bought Garnier BB Miracle Skin Perfector for normal and oily skin in shades Light and Medium.

Left: Light         Right: Medium

BB initials stands for Blemish Balm cream. Multipurpose face cream/powder/foundation... You can layer this cream more than once and it doesn't feel "heavy" on you're skin. This BB cream has Spf 20 and comes in two shades Light and Medium. You can buy it in every drugstore- Price is around 10$, for 1.3 .oz of product.

I tested only Meduim shade, Light was to fair for me, and I'll save it for winter.

left: Light                right: Medium

It looks like it is huge difference in color, but you will see how do they really look like when they are blend into skin. 

left: Medium      right: Light. With flash.

left: Medium             right: Light. Daily light.

They both look like they are for yellow undertone, but I think they will be ok for pink and neutral ton too, because when they blend into skin, you don't see the difference.

left: Light       right: Medium. Daily light.

left: Light     right: Medium. With flash.

In last picture I left on purpose this darker line so you can see where the lighter is. As you can see, they don't look scary when they blend well into skin. 

Conclusion: I'm very pleased with this BB creams. They are very light and they really leave you're skin smooth and silky. They absorb very fast on skin and leaves very nice matte finish. And they are also good in controlling sebum and that is very important for me. Smell is almost neutral, but when cream absorbs into skin you don't smell it anymore. It lasts about 6 hours on me, but I believe it could be more. And my skin starts to get oily for about 4 hours after I apply it.

Have you already tried this BB cream? Or maybe some other BB creams? Let me know!
Maja xx

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