M.A.C. Face and Body Foundation in shade N2

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This one was a blind buy. I never had any M.A.C. product, I read about it, but never had one. So I decide to go with this Face and Body foundation in shade N2 as my first M.A.C. purchase.

I like package of this product simple black box (It's been little smashed in postage, sorry about that) inside you can find huge bottle with 40 .oz of product! Price of this Face and Body foundation is 33$ as it states on M.A.C. web site.

You can see in this upper picture that product has a wide hole, so you have to be careful when you applying it, because it could spill. I'm applying it with my fingers, but It will be better effect if you use stipple brush or any foundation brush. 

with flash
withouth flash, daily light

I don't know have you noticed that color of this foundation isn't completely even, you can see that watery part mixed with color. When you touch this foundation, it is very light and watery, and doesn't look promising at all.

with flash
without flash, daily light

While I blend this product into my skin it begins to get thicker and harder to blend. Very strange feeling, but it fits nice to skin, and absorbs very good. There isn't to much of a difference with or without this product on skin, which is great for me, because I love that natural look, and with this one you're skin looks like you'res but better! It gives you nice dewy/glowy finish, especially on you're cheeks.

without M.A.C. Face and Body Foundation

with M.A.C. Face and Body Foundation

As you can see, there is little difference between first and second picture. You can notice how my cheeks looks little better in second picture.

You can layer this product more than once, I add just one coat, because I start to sweat. And that is minor disadvantage of this product. I really get sweat wile applying it, but I'll forgive him, because it is summer, and it is hard to not get sweat, during summer, and I will stick with  Garnier BB creams because they fit me better during summer. 

Conclusion: Very good product. I like how my face looks like when I wear it. It is waterproof, and will last for ever because of  huge package.

Do you own any M.A.C. product? Have you already tried this one?

Maja xx

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