L'oreal Glam Bronzer - Blondes

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Yes, I know I'm not blonde, but I bought this bronzer for blondes, because this one have prettiest color.

L'oreal Glam Bronze Sun Radiance Trio - Blondes 

I must say that I love latest L'oreal products especially new mini nail polishes, but they are little expensive if you ask me (0.16 .oz/6$) and their Infaillible eyeshadows are also too good ... but I'll write about them some other time, however this time I'm reviewing this one in picture above.

Even it says on this product that it is bronzer, I would say that this is multipuropse product and you can also use it as blush, highlighter and eyeshadow. 

I love this shell relief on it, and this bronzer have some little tricks inside ;)
brush and mirror 

So, we have multipurpose product with mirror and brush (unuseful, but still it's a brush), with 11 grams of weight = 20$. Well, I think it is worth it, because it will last FOREVER, and you really don't need too much of it for use, because it is very pigmented. 

I can prove you that with pictures below

one finger draw
with flash
4. swatch is with all mixed colors, and 5. swatch is blended all together

daily light

with flash
daily light

Conclusion: I think this product justify his price, with this amount of pigment and glow you don't have to be afraid of disco ball effect. It really leaves nice glow on cheeks (I haven't use it as an eyeshadow) but I would definitely recommended. Another bronzer for Brunettes have coral color at same place where this one for Blondes have pink color. They are both very pretty, and they will last on you for about 6-7 hours.

Do you like this product? Do you have any bronzer in you're makeup bag?
Maja xx

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