La Prairie: Silver Rain vs. Midnight Rain

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Today I'll review Swiss "rain drops" Silver and Midnight Rain. When I first saw the color of these bottles I presume that it would be perfumes for day and night ... and I was wrong.

Left: Midnight Rain      Right: Silver Rain

Silver Rain - this one is real flowery oriental perfume. This fragrance is skipping first notes made of citrus and green apples and it is showing me central notes made of agarwood, patchouli and tuberose. Silver Rain really kicks in the head, and I personally can't wear it during hot weather. It is gorgeous when you wear it over winter because than you can scent true smell of the Silver Rain, and how it develops on your skin. So, if you like flowery oriental perfumes with smell of agarwood this one is great, but only during cold weather! It lasts for about 8 hours on mine skin with one spritz.

La Prairie - Silver Rain

Midnight Rain - I thought this one will be much stronger and last longer on my skin than the Silver Rain, but it is opposite. This one is also flowery oriental perfume, but lighter and much wearable than the Silver Rain. Midnight Rain reminds me of Euphoria from Calvin Klein, but the Midnight Rain is a bit sweater and lighter than Euphoria is. Their similarity is in beautiful smell of orchid as the center of perfume. Midnight Rain opens with smell of plum, guava and mandarin, while base is completed with cashmere and vetiver. This one is more wearable through the whole year, and it is much nicer on my skin during hot weather. But it's wearabillity is around 5 hours.

La Prairie - Midnight Rain

Conclusion: Silver and Midnight Rain don't have any similarity with each other, apart of identical bottle shape. I'm giving little advantage to Midnight Rain because it is more wearable throughout the whole year. While Silver Rain may not find a lot of fans because of agarwood which you might like or dislike. But I love them both, that is out of the question! ;)
Silver Rain is a bit pricey and it reaches price over 150$ for 1.6 .oz bottle, here in Croatia, while Midnight Rain is around 120$ for 1.6 .oz.

Left: Midnight Rain   Right: Silver Rain

Have you already try any of this "rainy drops"? What do you think about them?
Maja xx

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  1. Nisam probala, al mi se vec same boce cine krasnima. Sto znaci da ih moram ubost prvom prilikom. ;)

    1. da, bočice su stvarno krasne. pogotovo ova bling bling od Midnighta. ;) probaj svakako, poslužit će i kao ukras ;)