St. Tropez Skin Illuminator

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Since I have a few highlighters I just need to have at least one illuminator :)
I got mine very cheap on bidding over the Ebay, since we don't have St.Tropez products here in Croatia  something was needed to be done, so bidding for cheap price on the Ebay is a great way for a blind buy. 

St.Tropez Skin Illuminator 1 .oz

For a while I wanted to achieve that fresh and natural skin looking glow (who doesn't?), and I think that illuminator is a great way to achieve that look, just for a while, and I kind of like it a bit more than the highlighters. Because illuminator gives you that natural, glowy effect, and with highlighters it is a bit noticable. 

I decided to go with a St.Tropez because I read good reviews about that brand. Just so you know, on this picture above is an old package with 1 .oz and it was released  in just one color blueish purple, and new package contains 1.6 .oz and comes in a 3 different colors pink (for those with cool undertone), gold (for those with warm undertone) and purple - blue (for those with neutral undertone)

This is how the new package looks like: 

St.Tropez Skin Illuminator 1.6 .oz (picture taken from the internet)

St.Tropez Skin Illuminator can be used on the face or for the body. You can mixed it with a foundation or with a body lotion/cream. I using it just for the some parts of my face. It really gives you that illuminated fresh look on the face.

You can also buy St.Tropez products over Feelunique for the price of 9,36 pounds with free shipping.

You can see swatches below:

St.Tropez Skin Illuminator

St.Tropez Skin Illuminator

St.Tropez Skin Illuminator

Have you try any skin illuminator? What do you prefere better the highlighter or the illuminator?
Maja xx

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