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Today I wan't to write you about my latest Ebay haul, Beauty Blender and multipurpose pencil/highlighter.
Beauty Blender (picture taken from the internet)

Beauty Blender - is a firm, egg shaped sponge and its purpose is to apply all kinds of foundation on your face. There are no sharp edges on this Beauty Blender,  so your makeup will look flawless. The narrow part of the sponge is for the smaller areas of your face like the nose and the eyes, and  wider part is for the larger areas like the cheeks, the forehead and the chin. If you have parts of your skin where you have to do a bit much of a coverage you just twist tighter part of the sponge on those areas where coverage is needed. 

I usually use this Beauty Blender wet, in a warm water, and after I drain it I put my foundation directly on it and than I start to bouncing (it is like stippling but with the sponge :D) with it and slowly applying a foundation on my skin. The result is a flawless skin with no signs of foundation. My face looks more natural when I'm using Beauty Blender than when I'm applying  foundation with my fingers. 

The original Beauty Blender costs around 20$, I bought mine from Ebay because I think they are almost the same thing, because they provide you the same flawless look. Mine was bought from this seller for price of 2,46$ I guess he reduced the price on 2,14$ now. So it is a great deal. Difference between original and this one from Ebay is that the original has its own box with sole for drying. 

The only thing I don't like about this Beauty Blender is its ungrateful cleaning, because foundation absorbs deep into it,  and while I'm using it wet it soaks more foundation then when I'm using it only with my fingers. 

I took picture from the internet, because mine Beauty Blender was already used, and didn't look so pretty like this one above. :)

Second item that I recently bought from Ebay is a multipurpose pencil named Shengii, I don't know is it some brand or just the name of a pencil, but it is a great pencil!

daily light
Shengii multipuropse pencil

with flash
Shengii multipurpose pencil

I was lurking for white eye pencil over Ebay and I found this one above, and since price was only 0,99$ I give it a try. I bought it from this seller and it arrived for about 20 days. 

When I got it it was obviously that this pencil will not be used  for the waterline, because it is much better as a highlighter in my case. But you can also use it as an eyeshadow or whatever you want. 

Package is plastic with a plastic cap, and it needs to be twisted  at the end, so that pencil can come out. 
You know what I mean. ;)

It is white in a color with a silver shimmer, it really looks nice under the eyebrow and in inner corner of the eyes. It has stronger appearance than the Too Faced Candlelight. I really love this pencil, and I bought a few more "just in case! :)


daily light

with flash

Comparation with Too Faced - Candlelight

left: Shengii pencil  right: Too Faced - Candlelight

What do you think about the Beauty Blender and the multipurpose pencil? Have you tried it already?
Which highlighter do you prefer better?
Maja xx

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