Sephora - Sculpting Disk

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Sephora - Sculpting Disk I was craving about this product for about 2 years from now. I finally grab the last piece in Sephora, and you can imagine how thrill I was, and I know you will be if you continue to read ... 

Sephora - Sculpting Disk

Sephora - Sculpting Disk

This product comes in a hard, plastic, black, round shaped box with a big mirror in it, and it weighs 22 grams. (Malu Wilz bronzer contains 24 grams - just for comparation).

Under the cap you can find 3 rows which contains a bronzer, a powder and a highlighter. Everything you need during summer time, when your wearing lighter makeup you will find in this Sculpting Disk. 

Bronzing powder B01 (left) - is a matte, it gives you nice natural look on the face, it has a discreet shiny particles and it is great for contouring and also as a bronzer. 

Powder D20 (middle) - it is also a matte, it is more for the yellow or warm undertone. Letter D in Sephora's shade of powders means Doree ( While letter R means Rosee ( and that is for the girls with a cool undertone. This powder has a solid coverage, it is very light and it leaves your skin very smooth.

Highlighter I20 (right) - it is a shimmery and it leaves nice discreet glow on your face, it looks very nice over a bronzer, but you can use it where ever you want (cheeks, nose, under eyebrow, inner corner of eyes ...) depends what you like. 


with flash (real colors- sorry for bad picture)
Sephora Sculpting Disk

daily light
Sephora Skulpting Disk

Sephora - Sculpting Disk

Conclusion: I really love this product. Lately I'm using it the most. I love multipurpose products which can be combined with each other. Price of this Sculpting Dick is around 16$ in Sephora. And I think it is more than worth it. 

What do you think about Sephora - Sculpting Disk?
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