Clarins - Colour Accents Face and Blush Powder

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This Fall 2012. Clarins presented us the mineral collection of makeup named Ombre Minerale, I choose only one product, which is in my opinion the prettiest product in this collection. You will soon find out which one is it ...
Now, let me show you what you can expect from this collection:

Mono eyeshadows:

Clarins Ombre Minerale Fall 2012. source

Clarins Ombre Minerale Fall 2012. source

Mascara and 3 dot eyeliner:
Clarins Ombre Minerale Fall 2012. source

And last product from this collection, which I own is: 

Colour Accents - Face and Blush Powder

It is gorgeous, right?

I love multipurpose products, so this one had to be mine, and since it is a Limited Edition, so what is there to think? I order it from, for the price of 24 pounds + shipping.

This product comes in a gold, nicely not high quality package, and it weights 10 grams. Under the cap you can find face powder in a 3 colors with pink stripes of a blush. Maybe you can notice in this picture above a 3D relief. Smell of this product is very nice, an old smell of a rose, a violet and iris. If you know how the Violetta di Parma perfume smells, this powder smells very similar.

Borsalino - Violetta di Parma

I was a bit sceptical about applying this blush on my cheeks, and was very surprised when I actually applied it with a brush. It is possible! :) This blush gives a very nice, natural pinkish color to your cheeks, while the other three colors of a face powder can be used all together or separate for contouring. 
I swiped my brush over the palette and then apply it all over the face, at first my face looked a bit light, but after a few minutes when powder sets on your face and adapt to it, it gives you a nice finish. I was very pleased with effect on my face. 
I used darker parts of this palette for contouring my cheeks, and on the top of that I add a bit of a pink blush. It doesn't clog my pores, and it kept my face mate for about 6 hours. 

I now leave you with pictures and swathces:

daily light

first swatch (from left to right) are all colors mixed together
second, third and fourth swatch is a face powder from darkest to lighter shade
last swatch is a blush

Conclusion: I really like this product, as you can notice it from the text. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the packaging it would be great if it is a bit harder and better quality.

What do you think about this Clarins product? Have you find something that you like?
Maja xx

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