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This was not the love at the first sight. was at the third sight. I almost never tested any perfume more than two times, because if it is not working, than it is not working at all. But the name of this fragrance is so pretty, and I just wan't to make my life a bit better with it. :)
I must say I was really surprised when it hit me the third time. Very pleasant surprise. And do you know why? Because of all my perfume collection sweetish perfumes are in minority.
La Vie Est Belle is a pretty sweet fragrance, but it is so well blended and has a great chemistry with my skin, that I was in heaven for a moment, and life was beautiful at that same moment. :) Well done, Lancome! You got me with this one, and I do believe I'm not the only one.

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La Vie Est Belle is a sweet oriental fragrance with a gorgeous vanilla base, but this sweetness wouldn't be so wearable if there wasn't a bit of a patchouli and a tonka bean. Gorgeous smell of iris is feeling through the whole composition, with a bitter smell of a Jasmin Sambac. 

Lancome - La Vie Est Belle via

I must admit that Lancome with a help of the Olivier Polgea (Armani Code, Cacharel - Liberte, Dior - Pure Poison...), the Dominique Ropion (Calvin Klein - Euphoria, Givenchy - Very Irresistible, Thierry Mugler - Alien...) and the Anne Fillipo (Paco Rabanne - Lady Million, Giorgio Armani - Acqua di Gioia, L'artisan - La Chasse aux Papillons...) has done a really great job with this fragrance, and really make us all a very nice autumn and the winter. This fragrance would be perfect for upcoming season. 

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The face of this campagne is the Pretty Women aka Julia Roberts as a presenter of a natural beauty and simplicity. You may think that this fragrance is a bit harsh at first spritz, or maybe too overpowering, but when it sets and starts to develop on your skin you will notice it true beauty with  a great aura and maybe think for just a second how life is really beautiful! :)

Lancome - La Vie Est Belle via

This fragrance has great longlivety and after 8 hours I can still smell it on my skin with just two spritz, I'm very impressed with it. This perfume comes in sizes of 1. oz., 1.6 .oz and 2.5 .oz  and also with the body line care. 

Conclusion: Very pleasant surprise! I never doubt in Lancome, but this perfume is at least worth of trying, not only because of it's great smell, also because of it's great aura and longlivety. Maybe you won't like it after the first testing, but maybe you will like it after third, like I did. :)
I'm having a sample size at the moment, but I'm seriously thinking to buy a whole bottle. La Vie Est Belle! :)

Have you tried this perfume already?  If yes, what do you think about it? If not, will you?
Maja xx

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