Best of in October

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In this post I'll present you something different than usually, this time, there is no makeup :)

Garnier Ultra Doux shampoo and conditioner for a long hair and damaged ends I purchased this products 2 months ago, because I run out of my regular Matrix Sleek line, and I decided to try this one. And I was very surprised how well they were. My hair was shiny and sleek, and considering the huge difference in the price between the Garnier (2$)  and the Matrix (15$), I must say, Garnier did a pretty good job with this products, because they are great for my hair, and I will definitely use them often. 

Olay Beauty Fluid -  this product is great to use during the whole year. It is great as a primer, and also under your day or a night cream, it is perfect for everything. Because it absorbs while your blending it onto your skin. I should write a post only about this product!

Which one are your best of in October? Have you tried, or already using any of this products?
Maja xx

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