Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2: Blush, Shimmer Powder & Glitter eyeliner

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Last collection from the Essence is the Twilight - Breaking Dawn part 2. it is a collection that is (obviously) :) inspired by the Twilight movie. 

Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn Part II. Collectio source

Bella's Secret shimmer powder - has a round shaped plastic package, and it weighs 11 grams. It remindes me of a Too Faced Candlelight so if you like  Candlelight and it is maybe a bit expnesive to you, than you should give this one a try while you can. This shimmer powder doesn't fall out, it looks gorgeous on the cheeks, just giving you a subtle glow, looking very natural. You can wear it as a highlighter or as an eyeshadow. The price is around 5$.

Renesmee Red blush - has a same packaging as a shimmer powder, but it is half size smaller (5.5 grams) it is a matte blush, very unusal color, it looks like a bloody red in the pan, but on the skin it looks orangy-redish, also very subtle and natural. It is very pigmented so I suggest you use a stippling brush for this one. The price is around 4$. 

Jacob's Protection  glitter eyeliner - a classic package for an eyeliners, with a thin brush. Size is 0.13 .oz with price of around 3.5$. 
I really like this midnight blue color of eyeliner, but like every glitter eyeliner you need a lot of layers for a proper coverage. So when I'm in a hurry this glitter eyeliner is not an option. It looks very pretty on the lids, I wear it above a black eyeliner and it looks gorgeous. It can be wear at day and a night, because it is not too glittery which I prefer better, so I can wear it during the day. 

In picture above I used only a shimmer powder and a blush, without glitter eyeliner from the Essence, this one is from the MUA (glitter eyeliner #8). Sorry for the bad picture on the left, but you can notice the color of a blush, and on the right picture is a shimmer powder above a blush. 

Did you find something interesting in this collection? Did you grab something?
Maja xx

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