MUA (Makeup Academy) Haul - Part I.

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A few days ago I received my first order from the  MUA, I read a lot about this brand and decided to try a few of their products for such a low price, and the other reason was a free gift - Immaculate palette with every purchase over 8 pounds, so what was there to think? :) My order was processing for 5 days, and 4 days after sending it was in my hands. Very fast shipping tough!

I decided to do 2 or 3 posts about this haul, as you can see in this picture above there are too many products for just one post, and it would be better if I split them in a parts. So, today I'm reviewing a lipsticks, a nail polish and a glitter eyeliner.

It was hard to decide which lipstick to chose because I wan't them almost all, but for the first order I decided to try lipsticks in a shade #2 and shade #13.

MUA lipstick in shade #2 - this is gorgeous, warm, dark purpleish color with a hint of a pink color. I was searching for some time now shade like this one, because it is perfect for the Autumn. It was hard to guess would it fit me because swatches on the internet can't be accurate sometimes, but it turn out to be gorgeous and perfect for me. I'm in love with it.
The packaging is simple, black with silver MUA letters on it, surprisingly good quality since they cost only 1 pounds for 0.12 .oz of product.

Lipstick has a creamy texture, it feels nice on the lips, smells very good, and doesn't dry my lips. Staying power is also great, about 4 hours but even the color is fading I can still see the color on my lips after 6 hours. I'm wearing it all the time, even when I'm at home, and I usually don't do that. :)

MUA lipstick in shade #13 - this one is a classic red lipstick with a hint of a orange color. I was looking for darker red color, and I missed a shade with this one, because swatches on the internet weren't accurate at all. It is nice color tough, but I have similar red in my Diego dalla Palma palette.

left: #2     right: #13

left: #2   right:#13



Nail polish in shade #3 - it was a bingo with this color. And luckily I don't have any similar color to this one between my 50 polishes, and it is great match to the lipstick #2. This is creamy, warm, dark purple color, with just a hint of a brown color, really great for the Autumn. The brush of this nail polish is a bit smaller than the brushes of my other polishes, but it works nice. One coat of this polish is not enough for the full coverage and it runs more pinkish with just one coat, but with two coats you get an opaque color. I cooked, washed my dishes and cleaned my oven and there was no chipping and all that was without a top coat, so this is also great product considering the price of 1 pound, for 0.2 .oz size.

MUA nail polish in shade #3

MUA nail polish in shade #3

daily light, one coat
with flash, two coats (realistic color)

Glitter eyeliner in shade #8 - I love emerald color, and wanted to try this product just to check what is like. But the same problem with every glitter eyeliner and also with this one is that you have to apply them a few times to get a perfect look. So you have to wait between every apply for eyeliner to dry and then apply another coat on that empty places where eyeliner need to be fill in. If you don't have nerve to do that, then don't try to buy it. :) I love this color, and I'm thinking to order it in a yellow color also. Price is 1 pound, for a 0.05 .oz product. 

MUA glitter eyeliner #8

MUA glitter eyeliner #8

Conclusion: Personally, I'm more than satisfied with this products. I just can't believe that something so cheap can be so good, and with great package quality. Also, I forgot to mention that MUA products are not tested on animals, thank you  Voodoo Blonde for remind me, it slip my mind.
I'm already thinking what to order for my next order, but I'll have to be patient until MUA Facebook page reaches 35 000 likes, because with every 5000 likes they unlock a new offer, and with 35 000 likes they are offering 35% on every purchase and also a free shipping. So can't wait for 35 000 likes. :)

What do you think about this MUA products? Have you find something interesting? Which one is your favorite MUA product?
Maja xx

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