Olay Beauty Day Fluid form normal/dry/combination skin

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I already mention this product in the Best of in October  post, and I also wrote that this product deserves to have a solo post. So, here it is. :)

I love when I find  a very good product with even better price and a size so I can share it with you.

Olay Beauty Fluid - is a product with a pretty big package, a bit unusal when it comes to a face creams/serums/fluids, this one is a 3.3 .oz size. 
Beside the package, there is also a price, a very cheap price of 5$. I got mine even cheaper, for about 3$. 

I love this product because it is a multipurpose. You can wear it alone, during the summer, or as fluid before your day/night cream during the winter/autumn, or you can wear it as a makeup base. It is really a good product, with great price and purpose. 

I didn't have any problems with this product. My skin is combination, and it didn't clog my pores, and it didn't break me out. It is very light in texture, it absorbs very quickly, while I'm blending it on my skin.

The only thing that is bothering me a bit is the package, precisely this top part of the product it is like an after shave package, so you have to be careful when your applying it. But that is a small thing to be bother considering all the benefits I have with this product.  

What do you think about this product? Have you try it already?
Maja xx

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