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I'm reading a lot about quality of the Illamasqua products, but it was never a good time to buy something from that brand, because I always find something else, that I wanted more.

I already had almost every Illamasqua product under my "saved items" on Asos. And last month, Alchemy was reduced from 17 pounds, down to 3 pounds. Pretty awesome, right? :D

Illamasqua Alchemy comes in a black package with written golden letters, size of 0.06 .oz. It has a very precise and thin brush, and I must say, that I'm very impressed with longlivety and pigmentation.

It is very easy to work with this eyeliner, because it leaves very good pigmentation after one application. 
And unfortunately I noticed, that my lids started to burn a bit when I apply it, so I'll just have to use it to draw my nails instead. 

I already told you, how I'm impressed with longlivety of Alchemy, since it is a waterproof product, it lasted for 3 days on my hand. Would you believe, if I told that the half of that time, I didn't noticed that  it is still on my hand. 
I'm a hard OCD person, when it comes to washing my hand, and believe me I washed my hands like a million time, and it still was holding pretty well. 
Just to proof you that, here are the pictures. Third picture is after 3 days.

I really like this product, but I'm bothered with that burning effect after I apply it on my lids, so I don't know will I consider to spend a full price of 17 pounds for another colors. 
But this is one quality product, and I don't how will I defeat my urge against Illamasqua product in future, because now I do believe they are a high quality products. 

Do you like Illamasqua products? Which one is your favorite?
Maja xx

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