L'Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Milk

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I win this product in a giveaway at Croatian on line magazin -  Ogledalo, and was very happy about it, because I already had the Mythic Oil, and was very curious about the Milk from the same line.

L'oreal Mythic Oil Milk has the same package like all products from the Mythic Oil line. A plastic box with a 4.2 .oz size spray bottle hiding inside.
I like the pump on this product, because it sprays hair evenly, and with a 3-4 spritz I completely cover my long hair. The price is around 20 pounds (33$) here in Croatia. 

Mythic Oil Milk is a luxurious milky textured spray that leaves your hair conditioned, soft, silky and shiny. 
It contains Royal Jelly and passiflora oil which smell DIVINE! This is truly one amazing smell, and in my opinion the best smell that I ever used for a hair care. 
You can use this spray on a dry or a damp hair, it is up to you. 

I tested this milk for the past 3 months, and what I can say is that for me, is excellent as a finish spray. When I try to use it on a wet hair, I did have a volume on my hair, but than I also had a sharped hair, which I didn't like so much. But as a finish spray it is PERFECT, my hair is so shiny, soft, smells gorgeous and looks like I was at the hairdresser. 

And there is one other thing you can also expect, and that is not so good smell when you spray this Milk  onto the hair. That smell lasts for a few moments, but when the Milk absorbs that not so good smell it vanishes. So you don't have to be scared, it is not a biggy, but I thought you should know. Your hair will still  be pretty and smell nice after it absorbs onto the hair, don't worry. 

Did you try this product? Are you planing to?
Maja xx

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