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I'm a big fan of the Clarins. I especially LOVE their skin care line. But, one product made me think different. I don't like to write bad posts when some product don't fit me, but that is something that it needs to be written, so you, my readers, know what you can maybe expect.

My dear friend Debbie, knows how much I love Clarins, and she send me a Eye Contour Balm with lot's of other beauty products as a Christmas gift. Thank you D. <3

I used this under eye cream for a 10 days, and after the first application I did noticed that my eye area was a bit redish and I did have a tiny burning feeling. I assume that was the reaction of my skin on a new product (I wasn't thinking it could be because it wasn't good for me) but, I continue to use it the next day, and every other day because everything was fine, and I didn't have any reaction to it, anymore. 

I really liked how my eye area was very fine and smooth, just great.  Eye Contour Balm is a great as a base for makeup. It has a very subtle smell, almost unnoticeable. It was very nice, until a few days ago.

After I removed my makeup I was shocked by the look in the mirror. Skin around my eye area looked like it was burned. You know how does skin looks a like, when you get burn while sunbathing? And it becomes all white? It was the same, but it was not peeling off. Luckily. 

I immediately took the Balea under eye cream with 5% urea, because I know it is very greasy and hydrated, and I know how heavy was for me that I only used at night. I couldn't believe how fast it absorbed that night, and after TWO application. 

Some ingredient in this Balm wasn't good for me. I presume it was an alcohol actually a derivative of alcohol  I'm not an expert in chemistry so I don't know for sure. The ingredient is called Cetearyl Ethylhexaonate, and it is second listed.  

This post is for you guys, if you wanted to try some of the Clarins eye creams I highly recommend you to take a look at ingredient list or ask for a sample, don't be like me :) I forget to test or check ingredients sometimes, it is more of a habit. :) 

Luckly, everything is ok now, Balea really did save me. And the other thing that happened, I got a tiny white spot on my eyes, it's called milia, that is usually an eye reaction to some new product that you started to use, or it can be also a reaction if your using an old eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow... 

Did you have similar situation with your eye area? Do you always remember to look into ingredients list?
Maja xx

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