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Today I want to present you a few web sites where do I usually spend my money, especially when I don't have it. I hate those huge sales with promotional codes, and then I become so tempting and voila, the money is gone.
First of many sites where I like to spend money is the Asos...

Asos is selling clothes and makeup. You can find a huge range of brands for clothes like Oasis, Pieces, River Island and Illamasqua, Too Faced, Rimmel, Stilla ... for the makeup. And they are offering a free shipping and frequently send you a discount codes, so who can resist? I for sure can't. 

If I could have a virtual home, I think it's name will be - Ebay. I love Ebay because there you can find everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING just type in a search box what are you looking for and the magic will happen. 
I always prefer a UK Ebay and a 100% positive seller, especially when I'm buying a perfumes. 

If you do wan't to buy a perfume I suggest you to buy those which are already used a bit, and from a 100% positive feedback if it is possible. If it has less than 100% than check those feedbacks to see why are those negatives for. They can be because of the slow shipping, and for that reason seller is not responsible, especially if their sent an item on time. 

The postage depends on the weight of the items, and how much does the postage office says. 

Do I need to write you about MUA? I believe you already know where you can find very cheap and favorable makeup products especially when they are offering discounts of 30, 40% and more, off. 
The postage costs is always the same 4.95 pounds. 

I was hooked up on the Fragrancex for a very long time, and when they increased shipping costs up to 16$ I stopped to buy from them, because it was expensive for me, and when you add a customs on top of that I is not favorable at all. 

They do offer a free shipping, maybe once in a year or so, and than I pick something for myself. 
But on the regular, you can have a free shipping on every order over 69$.

Cheapsmells is also a British on line site which offers a huge range of perfumes and makeup. But they charge a shipping costs depending on the weight of the package. So when they have a huge sales, the postage costs is always doubles the amount of my shopping chart, and I give up almost every time, unless it is something that I really, really like. 

You can expect to be charge from 2.50 pounds, up to 10-15 pounds for shipping costs. Free shipping is for UK residents only, and I think the rest of the world can have it for free if you spend 50 pounds or more. 

I love Feelunique, they are offering a huge range of brands, and you can always find something for yourself. 
If you recommend a friend for their first completed purchase you get a 5 pounds off for your next order (it has to be spend during the 2-3 months period- I think), and the recommended friend gets a 10% for their first order. 

Also, in VIP section you can choose ANY brand from the Feelunique site and you can have a 10% off for life on every order (if that brand isn't on sale at that moment), and you can change your VIP brand every 6 months. And they are offering a free worldwide shipping. 

All those web sites that I mention above have a paypal, which I prefer better than to write my numbers of the credit cards on the site.
So for that reason, paypal is protecting the buyers if you don't received your items in 45 days, you can open a dispute so paypal can protect you if a seller doesn't reply on your emails regarding the missing items or a fraud. 

Every seller have a few days to respond on your dispute, if you don't find an agreement  or seller doesn't respond to your dispute, than you have the aright to switch your dispute into the claim, and then paypal take the money from the sellers account and transfer it into your account. 

But you have to wait until 43- 44 days (including holidays and weekends) to open a dispute. A few days before would be nice to check with your seller and let him know that you did not received an item. If he doesn't respond on your emails, luckily paypal is there for you.  

Those are the sites where I'm usually spend my money, and nerves sometimes :) They are offering nice discounts and sales. 
If you are interesting in other information I didn't mention feel free to leave a comment in a comment section, I'll try to reply on it, if I do know the answer. :)

Maja xx

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