L'oreal Super Liner - Black Crystals

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If I have to choose which product to use for my eyes to pop, it would definitely be a gel liner because it has a great longlivety and it is highly pigmented.
But, when I'm in a hurry or I just don't wan't to bother with a gel liners than I chose a bit easier way to apply liner on my eyes - a liquid liner.

I can't imagine to finish my makeup without a eyeliner. I love how it changes my eye, and how my eyelashes look more thicker and dramatic. It is worth to learn how to apply it! It is not easy at the begging but practice makes it perfect.

I'm using the L'oreal Super Liner for the past 20 days or so. I bought it because of the tiny particles in it, and it looked very interesting to me. Because it has a different brush, not like those I used to use.

I loved it after first application and I was very surprised how easy is to work with it. 
It is much easier than with the a tiny brush that I'm using for a gel liners. With this liquid eyeliner in two  outlines you have a perfect line on your eyes. You can apply it with a light hand for a thinner line, or you can press it so that brush bends a bit for a thicker line. 

I really love the brush it is made of a sponge, very flexible, not too thick and not too thin, just perfect. I think that this liner would be great for the beginners in a eyeliner world. :) Just a light and easy swipe with a hand and voila - you have magic on your eyes ;)

It lasted through the day, and at the end of the day it started to fade. 
I'm not impressed with those shiny particles, because they are unnoticeable, I thought they would be a bit shiny and more noticeable. Because of that flaw you can wear it during the day or a night look. 
I bought it on feelunique for 5.55 pounds with a free shipping.  

Did you noticed this eyeliner? What do you thing about it?
Maja xx

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