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I have the Urban Decay palettes on my wish list for a very long time. But, I wanted to have any palette from that brand in my stash, but not the famous Naked 1 and 2. I wasn't so obsessed about them like everyone else, and I wanted to have something different, a Limited Edition different, if it is possible.

So I was lucky enough and bought the Mariposa palette. I loved the colors in it, I presume that the quality of the eyeshadows will be good, and unusual package with a butterfly on it (spanish - mariposa/english - butterfly) was a bonus.

Urban Decay Mariposa palette contains combination of a 10 shimmer and metallic eyeshadows. Each eyeshadow weighs 0.8 grams.

When I start to use Mariposa palette I noticed how soft and pigmented eyeshadows are, which I love, because they are easy to work with, but also, they have a huge fallouts. I always do my eyes first and after I'm done with the makeup on my eyes I'm going on the foundation. But in this case, it would be smarter if you do your eyes first, and foundation second, or you'll end up with the eyeshadows all over your face, no matter how hard you shake your brush before applying an eyeshadow on the lid. 

I used those eyeshadows with and without a base. They had almost the same effect on my non greasy lids, but the only difference was that the colors of the eyeshadows were a bit vibrant, than without a base. They lasted for 6 hours on my lids, when intensity of colors starts to fade, and finally they end up in my crease. 

Inside of the palette there is a travel size synthetic brush 


first row - day light

second row - daylight

picture taken just after applying make up, under the artificial light, without a base

(inner corner of the eye, and all over the lid up to eyebrows is a shade Skimp, over the lide is a shade Haights - mixed with a Skimp becomes more greyish that turquoise like on the swatches, onto the crease and outer corner of the eyes is a shade Gunmetal)

I bought my palette on the Ebay, from a trusted 100% positive UK seller, for about 15 pounds with shipping included. The seller had a few of them for sell, and they all gone very fast, and I noticed that the seller increased the price now.

There are also a fake ones, so you have to be carefully. I searched on the internet about the fake ones, and what I could find is that there is no big difference in a color and intensity, but the obvious difference is in the brush. Fake one has a shorter bristles and I don't think it is a synthetic, and the original have a longer and thicker bristles and it's synthetic. 

What do you think about Mariposa? Or you prefer Naked 1 or 2?
Maja xx

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  1. covece sto su dobre boje!
    mislim da zelim sve UD palete :)


  3. i believe you have a fake looking at the brush

    1. I believe I don't because of the brush. I did research before I bought it.