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It is the last day of 2012. and I wanted to share with you my best products that I'll keep on to use, until I find something better (and cheaper! :D )

From left to right;

Aveo nail polish remover with Mandel is a great product, and it doesn't have an overpowering smell like other nail polish removers. This one actually smells nice. It works great, and removes nail polishes very easy. It can be bought in the Muller for a very low price (under 1$). Also, there is a berry version of this nail polish remover, but it is not so good as this one. 

Afrodita finger nail skin remover is the only product that I had a chance to use and it is perfect. It removes my skin around the fingers, and I don't need to use it for another 10 days. It is recommended to use it every 7 days. Afrodita is a Slovenian brand for the face and the body care. This product can be bought at the local drugstores, and it costs around 5$, and will last forever. In the package you get a cuticle pusher made of a wood, but I prefer a metal cuticle pusher, because it is stronger, and it is better to work with it. It would be better if you avoid this product during the pregnancy, or if your skin around the fingers is damaged. 

Essence Nail Art express dry drops  - I accidently discovered this product while I was shopping at my local drugstore, and I find it more attractive to use, because it comes with a dropper so it is very easy to use, than a spray version that I used before. 1-2 drops on each nail after applied nail polish, and your ready to go in a few minutes. The price is around 3$. 

Essence Nail Art Sealing Top Coat - great product, and it lengthen durability of a nail polishes up to 6 days. This is my third bottle, I'm using it as a base and as a top coat. The price is around 3$. Also,  this product is also good for that purpose.  

Max Factor nail polish in Burgundy Crush - gorgeous dark red/berry color is my all time favorite color, especially when I don't know which color to choose. I love this color every time I use it. The price is around 8$.

Chanel Elixir Sensuel is a sensual and oily version of it's older sister -  Chanel Premier. They do smell quite similar but Sensual is more gentle and more powdery than the original which is more citrusy. The only thing that I don't like about this fragrance is the packaging. It doesn't have a pump, just a hole, and you have to apply it with the cap, it is a bit retro and unusual compared with today fragrances, but it is ok. I get used on it. 
I like to wear it almost every night just before I go to sleep. (this reminds of the Marily Monore style :D) 

Robert Piguet Calypso - is definitely my favorite fragrance in this year, and I already write about it  here.

Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial more info in here.

Essence I love Extreme mascara - is my #1 mascara. I love it for the price, and for the purpose that suits me the best. This is my 6th and I'll keep to buy it until I find better, and cheaper, if that is possible. 

Missha eyebrow pencil - this is a multipurpose product which I bought on the Ebay. On the one side there is a dark brown  - greyish pencil, and on the other side there is a smudge/and a combo brush. I bought it for 7$. I like to use it because it is not to harsh, and it doesn't look artificially on the brows, I don't like to use eyeshadows because, to me, they look very obvious, because I have a dark eyebrows, and I only need to fill them.. and I don't like the effect with the eyeshadows, so this pencil, at the moment works great for me. 

Catrice black gel liner - I use this product for a year now, and I love it because it is highly pigmented, and long lasting, and also very hard to remove, like almost every gel liner. It is very cheap, around 5$ but it will last you for a long time, if it doesn't dry first. 

MAC mineralize skinfinish in Refined - is a perfect product, and I'm impressed every time when I'm using it. More info about it can be found in here.

MNY - light pink lipgloss with subtle glitter, for a everyday use. I got it very cheap for less than 2$, because it was on sale. It is a nice lipgloss, almost sheer, with tiny particles which don't irritate your lips. It has a light sweet scent. 

Too Faced Absolutely Flawless Concealer is another great product from the Too Faced brand. It is very thick in texture, it doesn't dry under eye area. It has a very high coverage, and you really need a tiny amount of it to cover the dark circles. I bought it on  escentual, for 13.20 pounds + shipping. I'll write about it in one of my next posts. 

Too Faced Amazing Face Powder has it's own review here.

My Face - oil makeup remover which is excellent when I have to remove gel liners or any other heavy makeup on my eyes. I just use it for my eye area, because it is a bit heavy for the entire face. 
This is my third bottle, it runs out very quickly, but it suits me the best. It doesn't irritates my eyes. The price is around 3$ for 3.3 .oz of product. It can be bought in Bipa or Billa here in Croatia. 

Trilogy Rose Hip Oil - I just LOVE this product. My skin looks much, much better now. I already used this package, and I'm planing to order it again. I had a very horrible skin on my face for the last 3 months, because of the acnes and Trilogy saved me. My review about this product can be found in here.

Dontodent  - is a tooth fiber, and I'm using it for years now. It is much more easy to use it in this form, on the stick, than the regular version were you wrap it around the finger. The price is around 1.5$ in DM, where I only found it. I highly recommend this product, if you wan't an easy way to clean your teeth.

Garnier Ultra Doux - a shampoo and a conditioner for a dry/long/damaged hair. Great product for a low price. I forgot to take a picture, but you can find it in here.

This is it. I try to make this post very short, but this is the shortest I can get. :)
I hope you survive till the end, if so, you can write me your "best of in 2012."?

Maja xx

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  1. Znači Calypso i Chanel! Pitao sam se hoćeš li napraviti listu favorita...
    Zar nije Initial L'Eau iz 2012.?


    1. Znaš šta ja se još mislin bi li radila favorite isključivo parfema za 2012. ali ne znan ni sama.. neman kad sklepat cili tekst. :)

      Je L'eau je iz 2012. Zašto? Original iz 2011.