How to fix a broken eyeshadow/bronzer/highlighter/shimmer

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Do you remember my little accident? Today I'll show you how I saved the most ruined products. The other one, whit a minor accident I didn't touch.

I already wrote a post how you can press pigments, so today I'll do the same with a highlighter, bronzer, shimmer and an eyeshadow.

I used: 

70% Alcohol (you can buy it in any pharmacy)
A metal cuticle pusher which I disinfect with alcohol. (You can use anything instead cuticle pusher, it is important to shatter products as much as you can.)

First I took a metal cuticle pusher and then shatter eyeshadow/bronzer/highlighter/shimmer completely and than I start to add a bit of an alcohol, while mixing it with cuticle pusher, until I haven't achieve a muddy texture.

When everything was mixed properly I start to tap with a pan onto the table just to smooth the surface in the pan, as much as it is possible.

I leave it like that during the night, so it can dry and in the morning I took a napkin, wrap it around my point finger and then pressed the whole texture into the pan, and smooth it if it was possible.

I think it would be better if I show you the pictures of the whole process, so you can imagine it better.
First picture is a complete process, while in the other three I obviously forget to take a picture :/ sorry about that!

I was really afraid how will all turn out, but at the end, I'm very happy with the results. It can never be good as the first time I bought it, but this is also great. Better than I expected. 

Bronzer can not be used like before, but It could work as an eyeshadow or a blush. Pigmentation is still great, so I'm very happy with all.

Have you already try this technic? How was it?
Maja xx

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