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I know about the Tangle Teezer for the past two years, when my hairdresser brushed my hair once with it.
I was pleasantly surprised, when I realized that it doesn't hurt at all, while she was brushing my hair with it.  From that moment, I had to have that brush. And finally, now it's mine. It took me a bit longer, than I expected, but the point is, that it is mine now.

There are a various designes and colors on the market to choose from, and I pick a classic one, in a Disco Purple color.
I wanted the one with the Union Jack cover, but that was a bit small for mine, not too thin and a very long hair.

The interesting fact about the Tangle Teezer is that it takes brushing in to another level. Literally. 
It eliminates the tangles and minimizes the breakage, splitting and damage often caused by pulling on the hair shaft. 
It works wonders on the long hair, because than you loose less hair while brushing, than with a regular brush. It is also great to use on the damp hair. 

I'm very pleased with this brush, my mum also, and my husband. Yap... I caught him one morning while he was brushing his (very short hair) and he told me that it feels like a massage to him. 

I bought it on the feelunique for about 10 pounds (15$) with a free shipping. It would be nice, if it is a bit larger for my hair, because I would spend less time on brushing. 
But, anyhow... it is a great hair product, with more than 20 award wining prizes so far and I think it is worth it, if you ask me.

What do you thing about the Tangle Teezer? 
Maja xx

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  1. koliko ja zelim ovaj TT to je strasno! moracu da ga nabavim sto pre, mislim da bi me spasio

    ovaj tvoj je prelep :)

    1. Hvala ti! Moraš ga zaista nabavit, jer je odličan proizvod. Meni je samo žao šta ga nisan kupila prije nego sam iščupala puno kose.

  2. Zeeeelim ga! :) Mislim da je spas za kosu! Moram ga poruciti u neko skorije vreme. :D

    1. :) Vjeruj mi, skartit ćeš si muke! Super je :)