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Two nights ago I was invited to the Red Alert event which was organized by the Croatian on line portal It girl in collaboration with the Kryolan Croatia. The Valentine's day is almost here, so we had a dress code, which means we had to wear something red. I decided to paint my nails in the red a day before, for safety, if I mess up with a red lipstick, well.. you know how that goes, and I was short with time.

There were a few Croatian beauty bloggers at the event, we were all in the Kryolan show room. I was late as usually so I missed the part when the Kryolan makeup artist Mirel Gotak Misak did a makeup on one of the girls, and also explained the history of red lipstick.

I leave you with the pictures, hope you'll enjoy it.


nail polishes

concealers, lipsticks, makeup bases, foundations, face paints... lot's of goodies

cover case for the Iphone :)

I didn't hear the story about the history of red lipstick, but I got one as a present from the Kryolan. This shade of red is one that will suit every skin undertone.
It is so pretty, that I just can't force myself to test it. But I promise, review will be on the blog.

And here are a few beauty bloggers;

from left to right
Dubravka from the It girl, Tatjana from the Ms Mozgy's corner, Persa from the Beauty & Sweets and Maja from the AddToLove blog. 

I just wanted to thank dear Dubravka from It girl, and Ana from Kryolan for such a lovely evening and organization. 

Have you tried any of the Kryolan products? And toughts?
Maja xx

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  1. Nisam ništa njihovoga probala, još! ;) Vidi se da ste se jako lijepo zabavile na tom događaju :)

    1. Je, bilo je lipo. Inače, su dosta kvalitetni i cijenom puno više pristupačniji od ostalih brendova.