What shall we smell this Spring?

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Spring is almost here, even if it is snowy at the moment in Zagreb, but that doesn't bother me at all because, in my mind, I'm already in the Spring. :)
I picked up a few fragrances, that I think would be great for the Spring. I didn't try them yet, but according to the ingredients I think I'll like them.

The third Valentina, from the Valentino house is a bit lighter than the previous two version, and it's called Acqua Floreale. So, we can already imagine by the name, that this fragrance would be something light, perfect for the warmer weather.
It brings us a combination of a citrusy notes in the top notes, and the white flowers such as tuberose, a jasmine and a mimosa as a center of the composition,  and it is all warmth up with a patchouli and a amber in the base notes.

The third fragrance we can also expect from the original Dahlia Noir from the Givenchy, but this time we shall get a lighter and a bit refreshed version of the previous one. I like the fact that the central note, a chypre one (earthy kind of smell) is lefted like in the previous version, so this one should be gorgeous, at least, to me should be.
I imagine it like a fresh version of the original Dahlia Noir EDP. I hope I won't be disappointed.
It opens with a hint of a citrusy notes, and the central notes hides a gorgeous rose petals, and the base notes are made of a patchouli, a musk and a cedar.

We can also expect the third version of the Guerlain's Shalimar Parfum Initial, but this time in a sensual version called -  Shalimar Initial L'eau Si Sensuelle

I'm literally in love with the previous version of the Shalimar Parfum Initial, so I really do hope this one will be also gorgeous. This version also contains the same central notes (rose and iris) as the previous ones do, but this version is eased with the citrusy notes in the top. I can wait to try this one out. 

This one is not the third, but it is the tenth version of the original For Her fragrances by Narciso Rodriguez, simply called - L'eau
Unfortunately, For Her fragrances were never very good on my skin. They smelled divine on everyone else, but on me.
I'm really hoping that the L'eau version would suit me. According to the ingredients it should, because I love a peony, a rose, a jasmine, a musk, a patchouli, a lily of the valley and a cyclamen. So I'll just have to  check it for myself to be sure that this combination of notes is properly mixed and smells nice on my skin.

And the last, but not the least is a new version of the original Roberto Cavalli - Roberto Cavalli EDP called - Acqua
I must admit that I'm already intrigue by this fragrance, even if I don't know how does it smell. This turquoise blue color looks so gorgeous and so Mediterranean.
The form of the bottle is the same like in the previous version (golden cap and the animal print), they just changed the color of the bottle.
The original EDP version smells gorgeous, and I'm really hoping that I won't be disappointed with the "watery" version. I believe that this one will be great for the summer nights. Combinations of a citrusy notes in the top, and a bit of a jasmine and a lily of the valley in the center, surrounded with the warm animalistic note of a musk sounds perfect.

Those were the fragrance that I'll consider to test, for sure. They looked so tempting on the promo pictures, and I'm hoping they will also be great on my skin. 

Did you find something interesting in the text? Did you already had a chance to test any of these fragrances? 
Maja xx

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