Too Faced Glamour To Go - Spun Sugar Edition

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Spun Sugar Edition is my first Too Faced palette.  I bought it on the Asos for about 10 pounds, and the regular price is around 20 pounds. So this was a good deal.

This palette is a limited edition from the Holiday collection of 2012. It looks so gorgeous, romantic and so girly, and it contains everything what every girl needs for a complete makeup.

Palette contains a mirror, 8 eyeshadows, a highlighter, a lipgloss and a bronzer, and the highlighter, a lipgloss and a bronzer are under the eyeshadows, so they need to be pulled out to use.

This is a perfect palette for traveling, because it is so small and can fit into any bag. I love how the whole package looks and it is so practical to use. 

This palette contains various combination of colors, so they can easily be used for a day or a night look. 

The eyeshadows are a bit hard when I touch them, but the brush is picking it very well. They are easy to work with, and lasted for the whole afternoon on my lids with a base. The lighter shades are a less pigmented than the darker ones. But that is not surprisignly at all when it comes to any colors.

highlighter has a fall outs, and I'm not very impressed with it, maybe it's because I already used to another highlighter in my stash, and I prefer them better. 

A Bronzer is matte, and it does contain a tiny particles in it but they are not noticable at all, so it can be used for a contouring, and would be great for the summer.  

A Lipgloss is completly sheer, and has a tiny golden particles in it, which are very nice on the lips. But I don't like the fact that the lipgloss stands between a highlighter and a bronzer, because it becomes all messy.  

I read on the internet how the Glamour To Go palettes are not highly pigmented, but to me, this one is ok. I don't own any other Glamour To Go palette so I can't tell you my opinion on that, but I like to think that this one, because it is the latest in Glamour To Go collection, is improved and better than the last versions. 


firs row of the eyeshadows

second row of the eyeshadows

from left to righ: a highlighter, a lipgloss, a bronzer

What do you think about this palette? Do you own any of the Too Faced palettes?
Maja xx

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  1. Ove senke, sto su vise mat, su daleko pigmentisanije. Nije mi primamljiva paleta, pogotovo zbog sjaja, koji je kao za male devojcice - proziran sa gliterom.

    1. :) A, ovisi kako ko voli. Ja također preferiram više mat sjenila, iako volim nekad da su svjetlucava, ovisi o prigodi. :D