Golden Rose lipsticks in a shade #53 and #56

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One of the most inexpensive and high quality lipsticks, in my opinion are those from the Golden Rose. They come in a simple, not high quality golden/black package with a price of 4$ for 0.14 .oz.

Golden Rose lipsticks are very nice on the lips, with a very strong pigmentation which provides a full coverage with just one coat. Some shades contains vitamin E and they are a bit moisturizing on the lips.

Longlivety is also good, around 4 hours with eating and drinking, and hour to hour and a half without. The only thing that is bothering me a bit is a heavy smell. I don't like when my make up smells, but thankfully it disappears in about 10 minutes after application. 

left: #53            right: #56

I highly recommend you to try Golden Rose lipsticks, they offer a huge range of colors so you will probably find something for yourself, and they are also good value for money.

What you think about the Golden Rose lipsticks? Do you have any in your collection?
Maja xx

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    1. :D da, divne su obje, samo je ova 56 malo više ljubičastija nego na swatchu. Ali svejedno su obje prekrasne.