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Rimmel is one of my favorite drugstore brands. It never disappointed me, and I love all their products so far.

I was craving about the Apocalips lip lacquers for some time now. I noticed that the Asos (4.49 pounds) and Feelunique (5.99 pounds), sell it on line, since we don't have it in Croatia, I decided to give this one a try, and I picked one in a shade Apocaliptic.

The package is like any other lip gloss, but this is not a lipgloss at all. Lip lacquers are a combination of a lip stain, a lipgloss and a lipstick. 

Apocaliptic seems to be red in color at a first sight, but it has a strong cyclamen undertone to it. It is highly pigmented, with precise application brush, it is not sticky on the lips, and it doesn't dry it.

Longlivety is also very good, about 4 hours with drinking. I love how it doesn't fade even after 4 hours, it just tend to dry a bit and losses all the glossiness, but the pigmented color is still on the lips. 
After 5 hours it started to fade equally leaving just a hint of a color on the lips. 
I love this color, it is amazing and I'm considering to pick some other shades too. 

The only thing that is bothering me just a bit is that this lip lacquer tends to carry on the teeth, so you need to leave it to dry for a few moments, or you'll end up with a "bloody" teeth. :)

If your liking Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer and don't know which shade to pick, maybe a picture below can help you. Colors are divided by the color of the skin. 

Did you tried any of the Rimmel Apocalipse lip lacquers? Which shade is your favorite?
Maja xx

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