Catrice Photo Finish 18h #030 Caramel Beige

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I have this foundation about a year or so, and I always forget about it. I don't know why, because to me, this is one of the best drugstore foundations.

Catrice Photo Finish foundation, comes in a glass, matte bottle with a pump. Bottle can be used again, when foundation is finished, which is great especially if you have foundations packed into a tube bottle, or you have to mix 2 foundation to get a perfect color. 

Even there are 5 shades in a picture above, I think that Catrice discounted one shade (040), so there are only 4 shades to buy in Croatia; Sand Beige 010, Rosy Beige 020, Caramel Beige 030 and Deep Bronze 050. 

Foundation is thick in texture, it has a bit intense smell which disappears after a few moments. It didn't break me out. Catrice Photo Finish doesn't contain oils, which is great, and because of it, it is suitable for every skin type but those with a oily or combination skin will probably have to reach for a compact powder.

Catrice Photo Finish has a medium coverage, it will hide a tiny spots, pimples, and redness. It looks natural on face providing a dewy finish. 

This foundation should last for 18 hours, however it is not the case with me, because after 5 to 6 hours after application I noticed how it already disappeared from my T zone, and after 10 hours it faded completely.

I'm very satisfied with this foundation, because it is a great value for the money (9$). I didn't put a picture of my bottle, because it is almost empty, but if your curious about it, you can check it in April favorites.

Did you try Catrice Photo Finish? Any toughts? If not, will you?
Maja xx

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  1. imam nijansu 1 i 3. trojku koristim leti kad pocrnim. super je puder, ja ga bas volim :)