L'oreal Rouge Caresse #203 Rock 'n Mauve

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For some time now I wanted to try a L'oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks... but each time I was reaching for it on a shelf  I was telling to myself it is not worth it.

I knew already that Rouge Caresse is more like a balm, and not like a lipstick,  and I couldn't help it, but I guess I just waited for the right moment to pick it, and I did, as an exchange for the glow points on It Girl portal.

Rouge Caresse lipsticks are packed in a plastic and a simple package. I presume it weighs 3 to 4 grams since there are no info on the package. And the price is around 14$ in Croatia. 

I have to say I'm not very impressed with longlivety of a Rouge Caresse lipstick, it lasted around 30 minutes or so on my lips. It does act like a balm with a bit of a color, it smells nice and not over powering. I love the feeling on the lips while I wear it. Color is nice, but a bit more pigmentation wouldn't hurt.

However, I really like how hydrated this lipstick is, but I wouldn't buy it because, to me, it is not a good value for the money. I think there are better lipsticks to choose with a better color payoff and for less money. 

Have you try any of the Rouge Caresse lipsticks? Any toughts?
Maja xx

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