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This is my review of Nuxellence Jeunesse fluid which I used for the past almost 3 months. Let me tell a few words about my skin. I have a combination skin which is oily on T zone especially during the warmer weather. My skin looks very grey, uneven, faint, washed out you can call it what every you like, but the truth is I look horrible in the morning. :D So I was searching for a good cream/fluid/serum which will thick all the boxes I needed in one product. 

Every face cream I used so far wasn't good enough for me after awhile. So I never used any face cream to it's end. Never. 
I red a lot about the Nuxellence Jeunesse before I decided to buy it. I really love Nuxe, and every product I try so far is amazing to me. This product promises fine lines and wrinkles, even complexion, it activates microcirculation ... so I had plenty reasons to try it. 

Today, after almost 3 months of usage and completaly used bottle (!!) I can say for sure that Nuxellence Jeunesse fluid is my HG product when it comes to face care. I used it every morning and night on a clean skin. My skin looked even, healthier, more glowing and grey washed out look was a past. It maybe sounds too good to be true, but I'm very happy with this product. 

Although this product is a fluid, I haven't used any face creams afterwards because fluid was enough for my skin. If your skin needs more hydration after you apply this fluid, I suggest you go with the anti age face creams for a better effect. 

Nuxellence Jeunesse smells amazing! Main flower is a passionflower among other scents. You may know that I'm not a big fan of smelly face products, but I really enjoyed applying this fluid. 

It absorbs very fast, leaving my skin very healthy looking. It is also amazing as a makeup base. It doesn't contain a SPF and it is suitable for every skin type, and any age range.

Nuxellence Jeunesse needs to be used for a month at least so you can notice any difference on skin. But the longer you use this product it is better. I applied it on my face and a neck. I usually squeeze a pump or two for my face and neck.

Bottle contains 1.3 .oz of product which looks very luxurious in hand. I love the mechanism and how the pump comes out when I turn the upper part on right and go back in opposite direction. 
Color of this fluid is a milky beige and it is a bit thinner in texture.

It is possible to see how much product is left in the bottle, you just need use a little force. As you can see I used it completely. No leftovers. :)

The price of this fluid is around 55$ in Croatia, and I think it is a reasonable price for what I got from this product. 

Have you tried Nuxellence Jeunesse? Any thoughts? If not, will you?
Maja xx

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  1. nisam probala ali izgleda i zvuci odlicno :)

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  3. kupila sam ga mami jel je bila odusevljena sa probicom :) i ona ga uveliko hvali ... poz iz beca :)

    1. Baš mi je drago što je i mama zadovoljna. Divan proizvod. :)
      Pozdrav iz kišnog Zagreba ;)