Essence Tribal Summer - 02 Waka Waka lipstick

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Essence Trend edition collection for July/August of 2013. is called Tribal Summer. In a picture above you can see what this collection includes. I picked just one lipstick in shade Waka Waka.

The package is what drag me into buying this lipstick. I love black packaging and I also love tribals. 

Waka Waka is a bright pink shade, with a warm tone to it. However I think this shade will look good on any skin tone. 

I wasn't impressd with longevity of this lipstick. I knew already that lipsticks from Essence are no good in color longevity and Waka Waka just confirm it. This lipstick is very hydrated, and it looks more like well pigmented balm than the lipstick.

It lasted around 2 hours without eating and drinking, and it didn't fade equaly. And also it can go above you lips if you have tendency to rub your lips one to another like I do when I have a balm on it. It is not nice to see when your lips (and above) looks like a snow monkeys bottom.

Waka Waka reminded me a lot on Catrice lipsticks, so I wanted to show you compared swatches of each shade so you can get an idea of the Waka Waka lipstick.  

Waka Waka is similar to Catrice Pink me Up! shade, only Waka Waka has more pink undertone to it, while Pink Me Up! is more on a red undertone. 

Price of this lipstick is around 3.5$ and I bought mine in Muller. I have to say that Catrice lipsticks are much better quality and longevity than Essence lipstick, so you haven't miss a lot if you skip this collection.

Have you noticed this collection? What do you think about Waka Waka?
Maja xx

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