Catrice Ultimate Color #110 Pink Me Up! & #140 Pinker-bell

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Recently I picked a two Catrice lipsticks in shades Pinker-bell and Pink Me Up!

left: Pink Me Up!                       right: Pinker-bell

They were on sale so I paid for each around 4$, while a regular price is around 6$. Each lipstick is packed in a black, shiny package and it weighs 3.8 grams. Lipsticks do have a subtle scent which disappears a few moments after application, and it's long livety is 36 months after opening.

Both shades are the same texture and finish. They are very shiny on the lips and for a full opacity you need to apply it a couple of times. Shine disappears after some time, leaving a semi matte finish on lips. It didn't dry my lips. 
Long livety of this lipsticks is great, 3 hours with eating and drinking, and an hour longer without eating and drinking when it starts to fade equally.

Pinker-bell I'm obsessed with this color. Hot pink fuchsia shade with a strong blue undertone that finally suits my skin tone.  

Pink Me UP! is something between pink and red, with a warm undertone and I think this one should suit every skin tone. 

Here are some swatches and comparation with Maybelline Fuchsia Flash and Golden Rose #56.

And this is how it looks on me. On the left is a picture in the car on a daylight, and right picture is indoor light. 

What do you think about those shades? Do you own it already?
Maja xx

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  1. imam pinkerbell i obozavam ga :) imam i jos dva njihova karmina i neke sjajeve i obozavam ih :)