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It is not a secret that I'm a huge fan of Rouge Bunny Rouge brand. Every product that I try so far is above amazing, and I love each one to the pieces. Original skin blush in Orpheline is one of my favorite blushes so far, and I wear it every day from the day it arrived.
I'm amazed how descriptions of each product on RBR web page is so accurate and there is no way you will pick a wrong shade of blush for your skin tone. So for that reason I picked Orpheline which is suitable for a medium to warm skin tones.

RBR describes Orpheline as a medium warm strawberry color with an illuminating radiance. I could not agree more, because it is exactly like the description said. Beside Orpheline, there are 5 more shades of Original skin blushers and each is suitable for various skin tones, and I do believe everyone can find a perfect shade for itself.

Original skin blush weighs 3,5 grams and it is insanely pigmented. It will last forever. Literally. I apply it with a stippling brush just with one swipe on the pan and I'm done. It doesn't fall out which is great, and you can be sure that you'll get what you paid for, because there is no waisting product with this baby.
The blush is so soft and silky and it really leaves a nice pinch of color onto cheeks with a subtle glow. Totally natural and I love it.

Orpheline lasted through the whole day on my cheeks. I'm very impressed with quality and I really do think it is worth the price.

I ordered it from the Rouge Bunny Rouge web shop, for 37,33$ + shipping. And they always offer a free samples with every order. I got samples of a liquid highlighters. I think it is great way to get to know more products from RBR brand.

What do you think about the Orpheline?
Maja xx

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  1. kutijica i rumenilo u kutjici izgledaju perfektno! boja je zaista prelepa :)

  2. RBR je baš za ruske princeze, ali ja bih to radije željela vidjeti uživo prije kupovine, rumenilo mi se sviđa.

    1. Dobro si rekla :D
      Volila bi i ja vidit uživo, pogotovo sjenila. Inače, sve šta san isprobala od njih mi je odlično. I skupo. :D