Do It Yourself (DIY) - a colorful eyeliner

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Today I wanted to show you how did I made a colorful eyeliner.
If you have some pigments laying around or you are to lazy to use it because let's face it they can become a bit messy, why don't you try this trick?

You will need:
*a pigment in a color of your choice (you can use an eyeshadow or if you have a broken one it would work to) you just need to crush it
*clean pot with a lid where you will keep your eyeliner
*a small amount of water
*a brush to apply a liner

I choose a purple pigment to work with:

In a small clean pot I put a small amount of pigment and mixed it with a bit of water. I mixed it well with a brush until it become medium thick in texture.

After you mixed it well and it become medium thick in texture your done. All you need is a brush to star applying your liner. 

After you applied your liner on eyelids wait a few moments until it dries and voila your job is done.

I bought pigments here (click --> eBay ) for 2$/24 pcs, and small pots can be bought here (click --> eBay

Maja xx

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