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I love to shop on eBay and many times I come across very affordable things, and today I wanted to show you a few of them, so let's get started.

Plastic organizer for 24 lipstick
I think every makeup junkie needs to own one of this (or few). This organizer contains space for 24 lipstick. I love it, it looks so pretty and organized and most importantly you have all your lipsticks in one place, and well organized. You can check more info in here.

Fake MAC 187 stippling brush
I think I own 3 or 4 pieces of this brush and they are all in excellent condition, and some of them I have more than 2 years. Brushes are not high quality but they serve the purpose pretty well, considering the price.
I love stippling brushes because I apply liquid foundation, blushes and bronzers with it. I apply blushes with a brush on picture below, especially those highly pigmented.
More info can be found in here. 

Fake RT brushes
I have a fake stippling brush from the picture below (in the middle) and I love it for applying foundation. To me, it's amazing. I also own 2 original sets from RT, but somehow I'm always reaching for the fake one. I love it, even it darker part fall apart, but all the hair is still in one place and this brush really does the job done.
More info can be found in here.

Blending brush
I immediately bought 2 pieces of this brush just in case. I think it is important to own a blending brush while doing a makeup especially with the eyeshadows. This brush is a bit larger and its pointy at the end so it can get onto crease more precisely and do the job. I think it won't fit for smaller eyes, because it could be to big. I love it, and I think it is worth the price.
More info can be found in here.

Brush for applying foundation
I dont' use this brush so often, but it is ok for applying foundation, blushes, bronzers and compact powders. It has a thicker and softer hair, and it is softer than a RT fake brush. I could say that I need more time to apply a foundation with this brush than with the other.
More info can be found in here.

Last product is not so beauty related but it is important. :) A wallet. I paid 2$ for it with postage. It may seams like it is to thin, but it does have a lot space. I have it more than a year now and it still looks amazing. I always have so much unnecessary things in my wallet and it is always huge but it didn't rip off or anything. Mine is in a black color, and for sure I'll buy a few other colors. They are worth it. *Price may vary when changing color.
More info can be found in here. 

This is it for my first recommendation I hope you like it.

Do you shop on eBay? I would love to hear you recommendation!
Maja xx

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  1. jep, trošim novce i na ebayu, nema mi spasa ;)
    definitivno neću kupit organizator za ruževe jer bi to značilo da ih moram kupiti još i napuniti ga lol

  2. Uh, ovo prvo! <3

    A od RT kistova imam ovaj prvi, ali u plavoj boji! Odličan je!


    1. Ovo prvo je must have. :D
      Slažem se ovi RT kistovi su odlični.