Rouge Bunny Rouge Megaplumes Dramatic Lash Mascara - #075 Oxblood Panache

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Rouge Bunny Rouge has five types of mascara in their range, I picked up a Megaplumes Dramatic Lash mascara that comes in only one color - Oxblood Panache. It is a dark red shade with a touch of brown. Packaging is like all Rouge Bunny Rouge  - beautiful. I really love this brand and how wonderful are all the details that are written on each product. 
My favorite type of mascaras are the one with a big, dense brush like Dramatic Lash mascara, because they can separate and define each lash even the shortest giving them a volume.
The texture of this mascara is dry when first applied, which is great because I don't have to wait for few days for it to dries out a bit. Texture of this mascara haven't change the whole time I was using it (around 6 months) which I loved. 
 I am very satisfied with this mascara in terms of volume because the formula is good, but however I wish that the color of mascara is more pigmented and more noticeable on the lashes. When it is applied over a layer of black mascara, but if I don't apply a black mascara color is not so visible. In the pictures below you will see how the color looks on artificial light, where I tried to catch a realistic color.

Price of mascara is $ 40 + $ 9.66 postage for Croatia. Mascara contains 9 ml. Shelf life is 6 months from opening.

Maja xx

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